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  • The Click & Grow 25

    Click & Grow 25 | A farmer’s market in your own home

    Grow an abundance of nutritious leafy greens and herbs at home with the most space and energy-efficient indoor garden ever made. The Click & Grow 25 is a novel solution for supporting a healthy diet, matching perfectly with any urban-dwellers lifestyle and providing vitamin-packed, sustainably […] More

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  • mello nonstick pans

    MELLO Nonstick Pans by Hard Crafts

    Safer, more durable, more non-stick! When looking to purchase a new pan, consider checking for a quality test. Pan is the one cooking utensil that really gets put through the wringer. You need something that will stand the tests of heat durability, practicality, and, of […] More

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  • Crispx So Crispy, You Can See It
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    CrispX | So Crispy, You Can See It.

    Next-generation air fryer + grill combo that makes healthy cooking crisper than ever. The kitchen appliance specialists, Aukey team introduces their CrispX – Revolutionary Smart Air Fryer + Grill Cooking Solution CrispX is a revolutionary new smart air fryer with a grill that lets users […] More

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    Transformer Couch | One Couch, Endless Possibilities

    Forever Rearrangeable, Modular Seating Solution, That Transforms With Your Home & Lifestyle. Versatile, Beautiful & Ultra Comfortable Their team introduced 4 successful Kickstarter campaigns in the past 5 years yet absolutely nothing prepared them for the success they encountered, with over $6M raised to bring […] More

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