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  • Top 5 Jaw-Dropping Kickstarter Innovations of 2021

    Top 5 Jaw-Dropping Innovations of 2021 (so far!)

    For the past couple of weeks, Kickstarter has launched some amazing campaigns that went viral! Some of these products may be the most essential ones for everyday life and you don’t even know it. You asked and wanted to know which products would be the […] More

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  • The Book
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    The Book

    The Ultimate Guide To Rebuilding A Civilization. Over 400 pages of detailed and catchy illustrations. Have you ever imagined visiting the past with full knowledge of modern information and technology? If you told people from the Middle Ages or Ancient Egypt about a telephone, a […] More

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    Chop and Swipe

    Swipe left on messy chopping …a simple, low cost cutting board that keeps your kitchen workspace tidy. Chop and Swipe Team were unhappy with the products out there so they decided to design their own, making simplicity our starting point! The result is this compact yet generous […] More

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    Everest Crystal ✅ Whiskey Glasses to Chill Drinks in 18 Seconds

    A Precision Crafted Glass | Embedded Chill Charger Chills Your Drink In Seconds | Approved by distillers & connoisseurs Meet the Everest, The Most Amazing Crystal Whiskey Glass Ever Made! Weight in at 1 lb each the Everest glass is the only true precision glass sculpture of Mount Everest in a Whiskey […] More

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    The Air Mask | Premium look & Air Filtration

    A new kind of mask. Zero compromises between breathing & looking great BREATHE CLEANER, FILTERED AIR WITH THE AIR MASK Finally, a filter mask you can wear all day in comfort.Made from 100% eco-friendly moisture-wicking bamboo fabric. BREATHE CLEANER, FILTERED AIR WITH THE AIR MASK Finally, a filter mask you can wear […] More

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