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  • De Light
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    De Light | A Fold-Out Convertible Streaming Light & Stand Set

    Integrate all lighting essentials making you shine in social media contents into a tiny box. A pro-grade studio straight out of the box De Light is the first all-in-one, easy-to-operate, and space-saving streaming light and stand. It will fit in a small portable box that […] More

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  • Pop phone stand
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    Pop Phone Stand | MagSafe® compatible

    A fairly manufactured design masterpiece. Boost your productivity and let your iPhone float in the perfect position while charging. The Pop phone stand has just what it takes to look and work great: A Panton-inspired appearance, perfect dimensions, and a well-balanced design. Pop is a […] More

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  • ScoutPro: 240 Watt Powerbank That Fits In Your Back Pocket
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    ScoutPro | 240 Watt Powerbank That Fits In Your Back Pocket

    Simply the Most Powerful Powerbank Ever Made. 200w PD laptop / phone / tablet fast charging, MagSafe compatible & Apple Watch charging. Meet ScoutPro, by INTELLI, the utmost all-in-one portable power bank. ScoutPro is the latest advancement in charging technology, portable, lightweight, and has up […] More

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  • AimCharge: A Smart Auto-Align Fast Wireless Charging Dock
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    AimCharge | A Smart Auto-Align Fast Wireless Charging Dock

    To solve the coil alignment problem, a 20W Super Fast Wireless Charging Stand with Auto-Alignment Technology becomes reality! AimCharge updates and introduces the wireless charging stand by implementing a smart tracking innovation that ensures cordless charging at maximum speed. The charging coil inside your gadget […] More

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  • Silicone Phone Strap and Modular Sling
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    LOOPS | Silicone Phone Strap and Modular Sling

    Unleash your phone’s potential with this minimal phone grip strap and modular crossbody sling. Improve your everyday smartphone experience and stay clear of unintentional phone drops with their new Silicon Phone Strap. Both stretchy and adaptable, this new silicone variation of their most prominent phone […] More

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