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  • De Light
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    De Light | A Fold-Out Convertible Streaming Light & Stand Set

    Integrate all lighting essentials making you shine in social media contents into a tiny box. A pro-grade studio straight out of the box De Light is the first all-in-one, easy-to-operate, and space-saving streaming light and stand. It will fit in a small portable box that […] More

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  • RayShot
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    RayShot | Pocket-Sized 4G Gimbal Smart Camera

    Take a pocket-sized 3-axis stabilization gimbal, 4G Wireless, Android 10, IPS 2.0” touch screen 4K Smart Camera everywhere you go. Usher in a new era of smart filming with the world’s most advanced pocket-sized 4G gimbal camera. Rayshot integrates 4G connectivity and a high-quality FHD […] More

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  • MOZA Slypod Pro, Carbon Fiber 3-In-1 Electric Monopod
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    MOZA Slypod Pro | Carbon Fiber 3-In-1 Electric Monopod

    The redefined monopod combines an electric slider & jib arm empowering content creators to “Capture the World’s Wonders”. When a filmmaker’s wildest concepts materialize, an incredible video comes to life. However, a totally geared-up journey on a productive and high-grade film-making adventure calls for so […] More

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  • The HyperCube
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    The HyperCube

    Sound reactive, app-enabled, hyper-chromatic art that will transport you to another dimension After two years of accurate hyper-engineering, they are prepared to present you one of the most star-striking fusions of art and modern technology in the universe! Harmonic, symphonic, digital. Visualize and get lost […] More

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  • Polaris - Smart Electric Tripod Head


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    Polaris | Smart Electric Tripod Head

    A Smart Electric Tripod Head with Camera Interface Controller, Remote DSLR Preview & Configuration through WiFi/Cellular Polaris is a cordless, smart electric tripod head. That implies that Polaris assists digital photographers can comfortably mount the excellent capturing angle with ease. If you are a lover […] More

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  • ATOM 2: World's 1st Auto-foldable 3-axis Phone Gimbal
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    ATOM 2 | World’s 1st Auto-foldable 3-axis Phone Gimbal

    Auto Setup & Folding | 3-axis Stabilizing | Built-in Tripod | One-Click Flip | Gesture Controls | 280g Super-lightweight | AI Tracking Snoppa has raised over $3000k over the last few crowdfunding campaigns. Now, they are glad to introduce our next-gen phone gimbal – ATOM 2, the […] More

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