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  • SuperCam: Discreet Security Camera & 197W Powerbank
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    SuperCam | Discreet Security Camera & 197W Powerbank

    1080P Security Camera & Powerbank 2 in 1. Video and audio sent straight to your mobile device. 100W PD | 197W Outputs | 22,000mAh/81 Wh Sleep peacefully with this innovative gadget which serves as a powerful powerbank as well! SuperCam will amaze you with its […] More

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  • ITEHIL The Fastest & Safest Travel Water Filtration System
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    ITEHIL | The Fastest & Safest Travel Water Filtration System

    RO Membrane Filtration | Filter Directly From the Source | Kills Over 99.99% of Viruses | Powerful Self-Priming Pump How great and useful it is to have a water filtration system while you’re camping or hiking out in the wild. ITEHIL will help you not […] More

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  • Lawna The Smart Cyber Mower with Visual AI
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    Lawna | The Smart Cyber Mower with Visual AI

    The autonomous smart mower for effortless lawn maintenance. Everybody needs Lawna in their lives! This smart gardening robot will help you around the house in the terms of keeping your outside neat and good-looking. The best thing is that it is fully app controllable. Just […] More

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    GPods | The World’s First Earbuds With Light Control

    Hy backers, let me introduce you to GPods! This World’s first TWS earbuds with light control. Also, there are removable accessories that can offer customers an individualized light-up experience. Adapted to their very own state of mind, song choices, and even style. It’s an immersive […] More

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    8000Kicks | The 1st Waterproof HEMP Backpack

    8000Kicks is a minimalistic backpack, yet, so multipurpose. They redesigned it so many times, just to fit all your day-to-day requirements. Paying attention to still being accessible, long-lasting, and also waterproof. Carry 8000Kicks to the office, it’s stylish. At the same time, it’s roomy enough […] More

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    Energy Block | Anzene’s Ultimate Outdoor Power Station

    Energy block is an ideal backup power supply for your outdoor activities! It will definitely keep all your digital gadgets online when there’s no power supply outdoors. You can enjoy your adventures, since charging cell phones, laptops, electronic cameras, or drones is available everywhere you […] More

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  • AirHood The Portable Range Hood
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    AirHood | The Portable Range Hood

    Remove grease, smoke, cooking odors, & oil residue from forming. AirHood will forever change the way you cook. This amazing invention is something everybody will enjoy using. Portable and efficient, with great design – it will fit in any home! The AirHood team believes in […] More

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  • Trexo Slider: World's most compact camera slider
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    Trexo Slider | World’s most compact camera slider

    Powerful and compact camera slider with motion control, vertical operation, shareable presets, Timelapse, and much more Trexo Slider is the world’s most compact camera slider and uses a lead screw to operate. Unlike other sliders on the market, Trexo Slider does not use a belt-operated […] More

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