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    Neckphone TRi | Headphone + Neckspeaker + Wireless Speaker

    Presenting you the headphones of the next generation. It’s the Neckphone TRi. The premium and hybrid gadget for today’s unstoppable way of living. They are engineered by leading specialists from the sound market. Neckphone TRi is the first ultra-versatile headphones. Equipped with 4 speakers as […] More

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    RANGER | Backpack & Powerstation 1000W

    Let me introduce you to RANGER Hikerpower! The world’s very first backpack power station! It combines the backpack and also a power supply. The issue of conventional power stations is completely resolved. Powered up with Adjustable ambient lights, Signal lights, and a 3D rainproof cover! […] More

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  • Flagship universal knife with hand-carved grips
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    Flagship | Universal knife with hand-carved grips

    The ultimate kitchen knives for any cooking needs. Versatile, elegant, and created to stay sharp All Flagship products are standing out and these small-batch knives are available exclusively to their backers. They are made from distinctively ornate multi-layered steel and finished with stunning “swirling” design […] More

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  • HydroArtPod Fully-automated garden on your wall
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    HydroArtPod | Fully-automated garden on your wall

    Fully automated and ergonomically designed. Grow up to 30 fresh & chemical-free herbs and veggies. HydroArtPod: the fully-automated indoor planter that can grow an organic produce garden on your wall It is powered by smart sensors, grow LED lights nutrient-measuring sensors, and a hydroponic system. […] More

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    Evolution | Pants, Chinos, and Shorts for Ultimate Performance

    The Evolution Collection redefines just how you dress! Wheater for traveling, outdoors or every day. It is developed with air-texturized four-way stretch nylon, a unique new fabric!  The Evolution Collection is more powerful, extra comfy, and also filled with new features. That way allows you […] More

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    ChouBox | The Ultimate Automatic Litter Box

    Meet ChouBox! It is a newly designed litter box! Constructed with the suggestion that caring for your cat must be easy. Their large litter box instantly accumulates and stores your pet’s waste. Hide it away, both from view and smell. ChouBox can accommodate any “type and size” of […] More

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