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    CROSS WORLD | The two modes 4×4 Off-Road Monster Truck

    2IN1/Drift Mode Wheels/Climb Mode Wheels/1:10 Scale/Sport4X4/2.4Ghz/Max 45KMH/7.4V2500mAh/30+ Min Play Introducing the CROSS WORLD (CW) – The world’s latest 1/10th Scale hobby-grade 4×4 Off Road Monster Truck Electric. Features a groundbreaking design with two modes, both on Drift modes and climb modes. First in this industry […] More

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  • Shimoda
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    Shimoda Explore v2

    The new adventure camera bag collection for travel and landscape photographers from Shimoda Shimoda Explore Version 2 has been overhauled to meet the needs of today’s travel and landscape photographers. They’ve created a series of camera bags for people who pursue outdoor adventure, epic landscapes, […] More

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  • LensHD
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    LensHD | Hands-Free Lens-Cleaning Station Made Simple

    A stunning automatic lens cleaner crafted for efficiency, speed, and convenience anywhere. Remove fingerprints, dust and oil on lens! LensHD – The world’s first automatic glasses cleaner for all types of glasses! The soft, microfiber cloth-wrapped sponge can easily grab and remove all the dirt […] More

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  • Delux Seeker
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    Delux Seeker | Ergonomic Vertical Mouse with OLED Screen

    Full Spectrum Light Vertical Mouse with Display Screen & Customizable Controls for Better Handling Experience and Ergonomic Comfort With an innovative vertical handheld design, DELUX Seeker is expertly crafted with an aesthetic curve and honeycomb hollow shell that perfectly fits the hand. A detachable magnetic […] More

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  • TOKIT Omni Cook
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    TOKIT Omni Cook | Your Smart Home Chef

    Meet your kitchen assistant: an all-in-one kitchen appliance that prepares your meals efficiently, faster, and more exciting than ever! Whether you’re an experienced cook or a newbie in the kitchen, the TOKIT Omni Cook assists you to prepare meals in your home. Extra efficiently, time-saving, […] More

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  • Hug
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    Hug | The insulated collapsible mug

    Up to 9 height options, double-walled insulation, pocket friendly, made from recycled material, and climate positive + Did you know that there are around 264 billion cups thrown away each year? The vast majority of them are non-recyclable and cannot biodegrade due to having a […] More

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  • BGR
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    BGR | Bars Grips Rings

    The ultimate portable, bodyweight gym with patent-pending quick-adjust straps. It may not look like much, but if you like bodyweight and calisthenics fitness training, you’re going to love this. BGR allows you to train differently. It’s for those that are fed up with the usual […] More

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  • Pico Max
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    Pico Max | Grow a Garden Anywhere!

    Grow thriving plants everywhere with a click – telescopic LED lights, multiple mounts, and a self-watering system. Anyone can do it! Altifarm launches the crowdfunding campaign for its newest innovation PicoMax. It’s a gardening assistant that breaks all negative stereotypes about indoor gardening. After its […] More

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  • OYeet NEX Pro Massage Gun: Breakthrough the Limits
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    OYeet NEX Pro Massage Gun | Breakthrough the Limits

    60lbs Force|40% Deeper Depth|3500PPM|1.2lbs Lightweight|8 Pro Attachments|240mins Runtime Many people undervalue the benefits of an expert massage gun. OYeet NEX Pro Massage Gun quickens muscle recuperation and aids professional athletes to push themselves to their limits. No more slowing down caused by cramps or muscle […] More

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    Transformer Couch | One Couch, Endless Possibilities

    Forever Rearrangeable, Modular Seating Solution, That Transforms With Your Home & Lifestyle. Versatile, Beautiful & Ultra Comfortable Their team introduced 4 successful Kickstarter campaigns in the past 5 years yet absolutely nothing prepared them for the success they encountered, with over $6M raised to bring […] More

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