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    Is the first Ultra Clean Self-Sanitizing, Antimicrobial Copper Wallet that doesn’t make compromises. The world’s cleanest wallet forged from the cleanest metal known to man. Introducing the Copper Clean Wallet. The luxury ultra-clean wallet from Oligo Effect. The Copper Clean Wallet is forged with the […] More

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    LITELOK CORE | Tough locks for bikes and e-bikes

    Innovative lock combining unparalleled core strength, flexibility and ease to keep your ride safe. Meet LITELOK CORE! Pedal-powered or battery-powered, keep your ride safe with this innovative lock which combines unparalleled strength, weight, and flexibility. As much as you love your ride, at some point […] More

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  • TEDPoP
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    TEDPoP | World’s First Pop-Up Dual Expandable Rooftop Tent

    The next generation of the World’s Largest Hardshell Rooftop Tent allows you to make your own portable home anywhere you want! Introducing the TEDPoP. A very cool traveling ‘accessory’ that will change the way you camp. Easy access, aerodynamic design, hard, shell, construction, powerful outdoor […] More

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  • The Superegg
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    The Superegg | A 1960s design icon reborn

    Machined Titanium, Stainless Steel & Copper Supereggs based on the mathematics of Gabriel Lamé & Piet Hein. A Zen egg like none other. Introducing the Superegg! Altdynamic’s 11th Kickstarter campaign. The Superegg and the Superellipse it is based on are rather new shapes, yet are […] More

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  • MEAZOR - The Future of Measure
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    MEAZOR | The Future of Measure

    Your new companion for all measurements – A multifunctional digital measuring tool with a leading-edge floorplan scanning function. How many measuring tools does one need to satisfy all measuring situations in their daily life? For sure, the need of measure will always be there. At […] More

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