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  • MEALZTIME - Cordless Self-heating Bento Box
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    MEALZTIME | Cordless Self-heating Bento Box

    One-touch heating | Cordless self-heating | No water required | 900ml large capacity | Reheats up to 4 meals per charge If you’re on the go all day, it’s easy to find yourself eating a lackluster lunch or skipping meals altogether. But according to research […] More

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  • Nomade Jacket
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    Nomade Jacket

    The EDC emergency jacket The Nomade jacket is a high-tech performance hybrid that combines the elements of an emergency jacket, an E.D.C. (everyday carry) gear, and a windbreaker. Thanks to its proprietary Graphene caged membrane, it can save your life in extreme conditions and will […] More

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    Set yourself up for sourdough baking! At a time when baking bread at home has become very popular, people are also searching for ways to prepare bread products without the use of commercial yeast. The natural fermentation process enables the preparation of tasty and healthy […] More

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    Flex’n Fresh | DeliOne Container Reusable&Food Grade

    They made stunning, premium food containers. Flex’n Fresh brings more than just an eye-catching appearance. The stretchable lid can raise the volume by 50%! Not only that, however, it likewise extends to 200% in heights. Save a wonky-sized dish, trust me – Flex’n Fresh can handle it.Do […] More

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  • STRIG Mini - Massage, Relax & Prime Your Muscles
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    STRIG Mini | Massage, Relax & Prime Your Muscles

    Using IASTM Massage Technique & Micro-currents to help your muscles perform at max levels. Meet the STRIG Mini: a handheld IASTM massager that lets you relax and prime your muscles to maximize your workouts, recover faster, and reduce the risk of injury. Moreover, it has […] More

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  • First Smart Heated Slim Jackets & Leather Gloves
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    Quanta Vici | First Smart Heated Slim Jackets & Leather Gloves

    Never Too Hot, Never Too Cold, Always Right – Quanta Vici Smart Heated Apparel This Canadian Smart Apparel Startup just changed the future of Luxury Clothing with a very different new line of environmentally friendly Jackets and Leather Gloves. Quanta Vici is back with a […] More

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    8000Kicks | The 1st Waterproof HEMP Backpack

    8000Kicks is a minimalistic backpack, yet, so multipurpose. They redesigned it so many times, just to fit all your day-to-day requirements. Paying attention to still being accessible, long-lasting, and also waterproof. Carry 8000Kicks to the office, it’s stylish. At the same time, it’s roomy enough […] More

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    INVZI | World’s Smallest 140W GaN Charger PD 3.1

    Invisible Technology Innovations LTD (INVZI) is a prize-winning electronic product designer. It has revealed their latest, the world’s smallest 140W as well as 67W USB-C GaN chargers! Made for MacBook Pro and Air users, offers maximum power and efficiency. INVZI design has won awards for […] More

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    Energy Block | Anzene’s Ultimate Outdoor Power Station

    Energy block is an ideal backup power supply for your outdoor activities! It will definitely keep all your digital gadgets online when there’s no power supply outdoors. You can enjoy your adventures, since charging cell phones, laptops, electronic cameras, or drones is available everywhere you […] More

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    NORM 1 | The smartwatch that’s not a smartwatch

    The NORM 1 is a modern-everyday, yet timeless wristwatch! You also wondered why most smartwatches are made just for sports or technology fanatics? They share the same opinion. So they made a watch for everybody. Appearing in a sensational design, this is really one gorgeous product. To […] More

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  • REVORING Swift: Magnetic Video and Photo Filter System
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    REVORING Swift | Magnetic Video and Photo Filter System

    Presenting you H&Y REVORING Swift system! It’s the First Magnetic Modular Filter System with variable step rings. What is REVORING? REVORING is merely the world’s most sophisticated step ring adapter. It’s made for a camera lens. The variable blade innovation offers any electronic camera system […] More

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