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  • Re:Pack Keychain Face Mask
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    Re:Pack | Keychain Face Mask

    A super packable face mask you’ll never forget This is their fifth Kickstarter campaign and they’re enthusiastic about developing items that become reliable companions. They’re developing an ecological community of adventure products that work together. This time they’ve produced something that you’ll be happy to […] More

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  • Avarax-E - Self-Cleaning & Most Affordable E-bike


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    Avarax-E | Self-Cleaning & Most Affordable E-bike

    Avarax-E -Ultra-lightweight,Powerful and affordable with ebike 65 miles of range and speed of 28mph. Avarax is releasing the brand new self-cleaning ebike that has an Aluminum framework, excellent mileage, high speed, and is really cost-effective. They have actually been working in the e-bike industry for […] More

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    LONO | The Sock-Less, Odor-Busting, Eco-Conscious Sneaker

    Translating organic materials and smart design into convenient, comfortable, and sustainable athleisure shoes. Meet LONO – A pair of plant-based sneakers created explicitly for a sockless and eco-conscious way of living. Thanks to TREE fiber, the all-natural residential properties of quick drying, breathable, as well […] More

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  • HCK3R: Antibacterial Smart Gloves
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    HCK3R ✅ Antibacterial Smart Gloves

    Lined With Pure Silver | Touch Enabled | All Season | Weather Resistant | Hypoallergenic HCK3R ™ Gloves by Arxtec are the next generation patent-pending all-season wise handwear covers lined with SLVRTEC ™, a naturally antibacterial pure silver lining. Protect your hands, keep them germ-free while you appreciate a […] More

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    FREESIXD ✅ World‘s Most Versatile Sling & Resistance Trainer

    An ultraportable sling and resistance trainer for a full-body workout anywhere and anytime you want! FREESIXD is the globe’s most functional sling and also resistance trainer. It incorporates the advantages of a sling trainer as well as resistance bands and provides you over 100 workouts […] More

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    OmniCase ✅ The 1st USB-C Hub Combined w/ Electronic Organizer

    Max.100W USB-C PD charge | 4K HDMI | SD&TF card slots | 2 USB-A 3.0 (5Gbps)| Gigabit Ethernet| Magnetic snap-on cable holder travel kit OmniCase is a travel-friendly docking station with all the ports you possibly need for your USB-C devices. Superior to those typical […] More

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  • UVCliin Sanitizer|Clean Anything In 5 Seconds
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    UVCliin Sanitizer | Clean Anything In 5 Seconds

    Sanitize everything effectively with the top-notch UVC LEDs. Powerful & ozone-free. Built with a power bank for your emergency needs. Do you know that your home is actually a hidden paradise for microorganisms? Not only are your toilets ridden with harmful particles, your kitchen sponges, […] More

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    WooBloo SMASH ✅ Portable 300 Lumens Smart Projector

    Alexa Built-In | 3-Hour Video Playback | HD Video | 360° Sound | Netflix, Prime, Hulu Pre-Installed Project movies and TV shows in your living room, bedroom, or backyard with SMASH—a portable smart projector. This is the first smart projector that comes with Alexa compatibility, […] More

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