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  • Triclops

    The Triclops | Phantasos Rotating Hour Watch

    Ladies and Gentleman, They are Phantasos Watches! Hello dear readers and backers! Andrea here, and all I have to say is… WOW! Let me present you with PHANTASOS newest brand! It’s a show-stopper of a watch – The Triclops. Three-armed roaming hour watches are unique […] More

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  • BP Doctor MED: World's 1st Med-Grade BP Smartwatch
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    BP Doctor MED | 1st Med-Grade BP Smartwatch in the world

    Wearable Blood Pressure Monitoring 24/7 | Accuracy ±5mmHg | In-App Sync&Insight | Activity&Sleep Tracking BP Doctor MED is truly ahead of its time! It can help monitor your overall health and keep track of your blood pressure. The most interesting thing for me is that […] More

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    ATOWAK ETTORE | Supercar-Inspired 4-Arm Wandering Hour Watch

    Let the time drifts on the eye-catching mechanical curves. ETTORE automatic is going to show how intriguing 4-arm time displays 24/7 ATOWAK launches Kickstarter for two supercar-inspired luxury mechanical watches The ETTORE series brings the thrill of high-performance driving to the wrist. ATOWAK launches a […] More

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  • Astronic Watches
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    Astronic Watches | Gravity Defying Tourbillon & Skeleton

    Inspired by two engineering marvels of aviation: the F-117 Nighthawk and the Apache-64. Premium collection, without the premium markup. Astronic Watches will shake up the conservative watch industry by offering an exclusive tourbillon that has the look and feels of a billion-dollar Stealth air fighter. […] More

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  • Wearbuds Watch
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    Wearbuds Watch | Smartwatch that houses its earbuds

    3rd Gen of the World’s First Smartwatch & Fitness Tracker that Stores & Wirelessly Charges Earbuds The Wearbuds Watch is a revolutionary gadget that unites a game-changing smartwatch, high-quality earbuds, as well as a sophisticated health & fitness tracker right into one ideal wristwatch. The […] More

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    Nubia Watch| A Futuristic Flexible Display Smartwatch

    Curved, expansive, flexible. Meet Nubia Watch, a foldable smartwatch that comes from the future. Introducing Nubia Watch, a smartwatch unlike anything you’ve seen before. Built with premium materials, packed with smart features and crafted with futuristic design elements, Nubia Watch reshapes your personal wearable experience. […] More

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