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  • GAMMA: All-Season 100% Graphene Infused Heated Jacket
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    GAMMA | All-Season 100% Graphene Infused Heated Jacket

    The complete high-performance heated jacket | Graphene-infused, lightweight, waterproof, breathable, durable, with 10 smart pockets Meet Gamma, the ultimate all-climate jacket. Gamma Jacket is a durable, lightweight, insulated jacket that doesn’t compromise function or style. Building on graphene’s fantastic features, Gamma is your daily jacket, […] More

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  • Exa Mask
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    Exa Mask

    A new, high-performance, and comfortable mask. Masks can be very annoying and they make our everyday lives very hard. They muffle your voice. Fog your glasses. They fume and moist. They can even cause irritation to your skin. With their exclusive three-part system, they exceed […] More

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  • Silicone Phone Strap and Modular Sling
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    LOOPS | Silicone Phone Strap and Modular Sling

    Unleash your phone’s potential with this minimal phone grip strap and modular crossbody sling. Improve your everyday smartphone experience and stay clear of unintentional phone drops with their new Silicon Phone Strap. Both stretchy and adaptable, this new silicone variation of their most prominent phone […] More

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  • VIAGEA Versatile, Durable, Lightweight and Trendy Glasses

    VIAGEA | Versatile, Durable, Lightweight, and Trendy Glasses

    Viagea is where smart technology and prestigious design converge, resulting in an eyewear experience that transforms alongside you. Meet ViageA, a top-quality eyewear brand, handcrafted in Italy, that highlights one’s individual identity and changes matter right into art. ViageA frames feature an incorporated joint technology […] More

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  • Kane Active Recovery Footwear
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    Kane | Active Recovery Footwear

    Kane footwear is designed specifically for active recovery. Created from Brazilian sugarcane and other eco-sustainable materials. Kane is an active recovery footwear brand developing a community of preparedness. Their emphasis is the innovative use of Eco-sustainable products to transform the lives of professional athletes all […] More

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