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Center Cam | A middle-screen webcam

Hello, my dear backers comunity!

Whether you are a teacher, marketing specialist, doctor…

Today, everybody interacts via cam!

Stood out with this tinny gadget, and present yourself as a real professional!

Why is Center Cam so special?

Well, it transforms the focal angle from screen-edge to center screen. Exactly where the activity is! Finally, you can see the OTHER 90% of human interaction. It’s the NON-verbal!

Reading the notes on your screen, without appearing like you’re reading? Act like a pro. Teleprompter presentation has never been easier! Live-streaming, sales, tele-therapy, tele-health, tele… Center Cam is the device you need!

Human touch

People want to see each other while they are in a video conference. The Center Webcam enables that. 

center cam on monitor

Most cams are at the top of the display. For individuals to feel like you’re communicating directly to them, you have to watch right into the lens. Yet, this means you can’t see individuals you’re speaking with. Nor the notes you’re referring to. What takes place is a process of looking up and down, repeatedly. In all that process, we lose a fundamental human connection. The need for non-verbal interaction is in all of us, and it takes about 90% interaction.

In the Middle

twitching the cam

Center Cam fixes this trouble by putting the cam in the middle of the display. Right where the action is! The camera hangs from a cable (which is flexible) that clips to the top of your screen. Also, easily moves away when you don’t require it anymore. They additionally use a tiny light ring. It is designed to affix to the clip.

For each & every occasion – Center Cam

So, you can use the Center Cam as a company gunslinger dealing with 3 displays and also 10 home windows. No difference if your video conference, or a therapist collaborating with one really important customer for the entire session. It is so important when you take a look at the individual on the other end of the conference, you will see them. Also, they will certainly see you! Center cam is the only camera on the market that promotes this kind of human connection. Straightforward and essential to good interaction.

size an measurments

Horizontal Field of View

You can choose a Horizontal Field of View, i.e. the side-to-side area revealed on a webcam. It offers a 65 level and also 52 level alternative. The majority of users will use the 65HFOV camera and it will suit their needs. But the 52 is additionally available for content-creators and green-screen individuals that want a tighter shot.

” Middle-screen webcam” is an upgraded cam. When they began this in January, they had cameras as well as a concern. What happens if they’re not the only ones that desire the electronic camera was somewhere besides the edge of the screen? Well, during that time, they would probably buy the camera.

design center cam

There are a few new stuff to offer:

  • The clip is now injection molded
  • The camera head is now reinforced
  • Upgraded mic
  • Upgrade for USB cabling.

They wish to continue with the technology. So it could get in the hands of people who rely on it. 


The purpose of their organization isn’t webcams. The purpose of our organization is to help individuals construct much better human connections. Especially today, when online work took place and it became serious business.

The designer: IAN FOSTER

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