Cinema Grade | Evolutionary Color Grading on Windows

Get the proven plugin that helps filmmakers achieve “big-budget” looks through point-and-click grading in the viewer in seconds…

Evolutionary on-screen color grading plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve on Windows. 

Make changes and corrections directly in the viewer with the industries’ only point-and-click grading. More vibrant videos are only a few clicks away.

Matching is so easy! Cinema Grade guides you every step of the way from fixing and matching multiple shots together to applying a final look.

Choose from over 90 look presets based on Hollywood films and organized into categories based on the needs of the story.

So what do you do?  You sift through YouTube watching tutorials… then maybe try slapping on a LUT.

You make some progress with the LUT, but then come to find out that shots still don’t match.  

Frustrated you take a break to play with the cat… then only later you realize you’ve wasted half the day arguing with some random friend of a friend on Facebook.

Does that sound familiar?

What do you think?

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