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Classy Spirits | Remove the Bite & Harshness In Alcohol

Classy Spirits

An Alcohol Filtration System to Increase the Quality and Smoothness in Bottled Alcohols and Spirits!

Classy Spirits developed their proprietary filters to reduce Acetone and Acetaldehyde that remain in your bottled Spirits. And the results are….pretty Amazing!

These two chemicals, Acetone, and Acetaldehyde cause much of the harshness and bite in bottled spirits. During the aging process, these chemicals can decline. But higher-end spirits and alcohols that have been aged can cost 100s or even 1000s of dollars!

Classy Spirits

Now, with the Elixir Fixer, you don’t need to waste money, you can reduce these harsh, harmful chemicals on your own, increasing the quality and smoothness of your favorite spirits!

It’s not your average filter!

Many of you may be comparing their product to other filters on the market, but these are not just a run-of-the-mill activated charcoal filter that you use in your Brita or zero water pitcher. So, they have spent time researching and developing their proprietary filter formula to uniquely reduce the harshness and bite without removing the flavor with just one filtration cycle through the Elixir Fixer.

Classy Spirits

The Secret

The secret lies in their proprietary filters and filtration system. Consequently, each filter consists of numerous different layers of organic minerals and compounds carefully formulated to reduce the harmful congeners remaining in bottled alcohols and spirits with just one pass through our filter! In other words, this increases the quality and smoothness of the alcohol without reducing the taste!

Classy Spirits

The Different Parts/Pieces:

Each Classy Spirits Elixir Fixer Comes with 4 different parts: A Reservoir Funnel that is dishwasher safe, a Filter System that can be removed and replaced as needed, A Stainless-Steel Stand, and a Flush so that you can change from different types of spirits and alcohol you use through your Elixir Fixer!

Reservoir, Filter System, And Stand

When switching from different types of Spirits: Attach the flush to the filter and then to your faucet, turn the water on and flush for 20-30 seconds. Lastly, replace the filter back into the reservoir funnel and begin pouring your different type of spirit!

Classy Spirits

Filter System Flush

They are finalizing the proprietary technology in their filters and the lab testing proves just how amazing they are! They took the samples from the same bottle of alcohol. The filtered sample was run just one time through the Elixir Fixer. Only once! The first sample is non-filtered and the second is filtered.

  • Before and After – Lab Testing – Acetone & Acetaldehyde
  • Acetaldehyde: >10% reduction
  • Acetone: >58% reduction

Their Filters are replaceable! You are able to filter twenty 750 ml bottles of alcohol before you need to replace it! They sell replacement filters in packs of two and each pack comes with a “flush” so that you can switch from one favorite spirit to the next!

Classy Spirits

What Happens to the Alcohol Percentage?

They have even done lab testing on the ABV (alcohol by volume) or, percentage of alcohol, that is in the bottled spirit to show you that they are not reducing the percentage of alcohol in your bottled spirits!

Their journey has been a fun one with lots of testing and re-tweaking to create the best product for you!

Classy Spirits the Elixir Fixer works on Vodka, Tequila, Brandy, Cognac, Whisky, and Bourbon.

Classy Spirits does not work on any Botanical (Rum, Gin, Artificially Flavored Spirit). All Botanicals add in their flavor after the distillation and aging process.

Classy Spirits Elixir Fixer is not just an idea, it is an actuality that has been tested in the lab and by consumers to show just how effective their product is! Please take some time to watch the reactions from more of their taste tests!

Classy Spirits

Packaging and Display Box

Their product is the perfect gift and quickly becomes the center of attention at any party! They want you to be able to transport and “unveil” it properly. That’s why they are making custom display boxes that will fit each piece of Classy Spirits Elixir Fixer nice and snug into it!

The foam in the picture is just for the prototype, the final packaging will feature a darker grey softer foam.

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