Cleep Pro

Cleep Pro | The Smallest 4K Wearable Camera

4K Mini Vlogging Camera| EIS Stabilization| Easy Wearable| Ultra-Lightweight Body| 60 Min Recording

Not all experiences are easy to record. Some things you should experience without holding your smartphone or camera, there are colors to see, sounds to hear, emotions to feel… cherished memories that you couldn’t show or share with others. Until now. Here comes Cleep Pro.

Cleep Pro

Tired of having the time of your life looking through your smartphone camera? Would you like to record your experiences leaving your device in your pocket or bag? Seize the moment hands-free, capture it with Cleep Pro!

Cleep Pro is a groundbreaking 4K Vlog camera with an ultra-lightweight body that you can wear on your cap or your sunglasses.

Cleep Pro

Designed in Italy it lets you take pictures and record videos directly from your point of view (POV).

Save your best memories of travels, weekends, and special days and store them for yourself or share them on social media without the stress of holding your smartphone all the time!

You will get the top video quality with the 12MP Camera, a 150-degree wide-angle camera on the lightweight body. There are no screens: just aim and shot. Quite intuitive, isn’t it?

The button is on the upper part of the body, facing the user to ease shooting. Just double press it to record a second video or single click to take a picture.

A short vibration and a flashing LED light show that the bracelet is recording. Once the moment is saved, the LED stops flashing and there’s a second, short vibration.

Clee Pro has an expandable memory of up to 32GB with a micro-SD card that can store hundreds of pictures and videos which can be transferred via Wi-Fi connectivity on your smartphone or tablet.

Cleep Pro

Just get the official Cleep Pro app on your iOS or Android device to synchronize, watch or share your content.

The battery guarantees up to 60 minutes continuously recording autonomy, giving you time to shoot plenty of photographs and about half an hour of video. In other words, you won’t miss any moment of your day.

Cleep Pro

Cleep Pro will also surprise you with its pro features. Moreover, it can shoot also in Time Lapse mode and Slow-Motion mode and integrate an electronic image stabilization (EIS) system to ensure videos with no shakes. You can also see previews in real-time with your smartphone through the app for iOS and Android devices.

Cleep Pro

Cleep Pro: the ideal solution for whoever loves sharing experiences, travel diaries, or special memories on social media without the stress of holding your smartphone or digital camera all the time.

They can’t build this awesome device without your help!

If you always wanted to capture the best moments of your life hands-free this is your chance.

Cleep Pro

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