The Click & Grow 25

Click & Grow 25 | A farmer’s market in your own home

Grow an abundance of nutritious leafy greens and herbs at home with the most space and energy-efficient indoor garden ever made.

The Click & Grow 25 is a novel solution for supporting a healthy diet, matching perfectly with any urban-dwellers lifestyle and providing vitamin-packed, sustainably grown greens all year round. It is designed for an effortless user experience, leveraging the most advanced, energy, and space-efficient indoor growing technology ever developed.

Click & Grow 25

Now available for pre-orders through where it is already packed with more than $300 000 during the first hours.

From leafy greens to fruits and herbs, the garden helps to enrich our busy lives with healthy food and a touch of nature.

This self-growing garden takes care of plants automatically, working in a similar fashion to a Nespresso capsule coffee machine. Only instead of coffee pods, you use their proprietary biodegradable Smart Soil plant pods. They maintain perfect levels of moisture, nutrients, root oxygen, and pH.

Coupled with automatic watering and energy-efficient LED lights, the garden ensures perfect conditions for plants to grow successfully and 30-50% faster. They contain up to 3 times more nutrients than food from supermarkets.

Click & Grow 25

Using a first-of-its-kind patented tray system, the new Click & Grow 25 is the only indoor garden that fits into the modern busy lifestyle.

It allows growing substantial amounts of greens for everyday use, without becoming a time-consuming hobby. You can easily remove a tray with ready-to-harvest greens from the garden, replace it with another to start growing the next cycle, and put it away for eating at the desired time.

The plants in the removed tray stay fresh for up to a week, keeping all of their nutrients intact and avoiding any food waste.

The company offers over 70 plants in total to choose from and among them over 20 varieties of fast-growing leafy greens. The price for one plant pod will be $1.5- $2.2, making it comparable with greens bought from organic grocery stores.

Click & Grow 25

With the new garden, anyone can enjoy fresh, clean, organic leafy greens free of any pesticides or other harmful substances.

The modular design allows stacking up to three units on top of each other. It can provide the desired amount of greens for one person, a couple, or a full family.

Firstly, the growing process is further streamlined by an accompanying app that provides timed plant care and harvesting tips for each inserted plant helps. Secondly, it features personalized suggestions based on growing history. And thirdly, it sends reminders to fill the water tank and allows to control the lights. It’ll also help you with ideas for better, healthier meals using the fresh greens you’ve grown.

Click & Grow 25

Over the years the company has prioritized its research on developing plant growing solutions that use as little space, electricity, and effort as possible.

The Click & Grow 25 opens up a new chapter in the indoor gardening industry. Taking up the smallest possible space to successfully grow leafy greens and consuming up to 10 times less electricity than many alternatives. That is twice as little as the most efficient solutions on the market. It’s an all-year-round farmer’s market in a kitchen. It’s the size of a microwave oven, only consuming 200 kWh of electricity per year.

Click & Grow 25

Click & Grow is the leading innovator and producer of easy-to-use electronic indoor gardens. It grows vitamin-rich greens without the need for manual watering and fertilizing. The company’s smart technology controls all the things plants need to thrive in any indoor environment all over the world. Since the company’s inception in 2009, tens of millions of plants have been grown with their devices all over the world by a loving community.

The gardens have gained notable popularity after being featured on numerous TV shows.

For example, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, in George Clooney’s sci-fi movie Midnight Sky, and been used as a quarantine garden by Bruce Willis’ family. To learn more about Click & Grow’s comprehensive lineup of products and current selection of over 70 plants, visit

Click & Grow 25 – a farmer’s market in your own home

The most advanced, energy, and space-efficient indoor growing solution ever made.

Click & Grow 25

Plant pods are a product of rigorous material science, with nutrients calibrated precisely to support each plant species. The highest quality farming from the comfort of your home.

The Bluetooth app means you certainly have full control of your garden. It is giving you an overview of your plants and their growth stages.

Get updates in real-time and ideas for better, healthier, and simpler meals.

Click & Grow 25

The Click & Grow 25 is the most energy and space-efficient indoor plant growing solution. So, worry less and eat better with the help of the Click & Grow 25. We built the Click & Grow to work for various spaces and needs, from small studio apartments to restaurants. The system is fully modular, meaning you can build a setup that works specifically for your consumption. All you have to do is fill the tank, insert the plant pods, and plug it in. The system takes care of the rest.

Click & Grow 25

And lastly, their unique patented tray system means you can create the perfect rotation of plants. It’s ensuring you always have an abundance of fully-grown greens available. You create the continuous cycle of greens. After harvesting a tray of 5 grown plants, just add new pods. The tray also makes it easy to use the ready-to-harvest leafy vegetables in your meals. Garden to plate.

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