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Co Print | Multi-Filament Module for All Bowden 3D Printer

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Everyone can 3D Print the design they desire with a 3D Printer! However, what if we discuss printing Multi-Color and also Multi-Material models?

3d material

Here is something that can level up your 3D experience!

You create a unique design, prototypes, and multi-color 3D printed devices as well as tools. Also, you can use Co Print for commercial applications! Use up to 7 different filaments in one print. Just go along as your creativity goes.

Co Print makes your existing 3D printer capable of Multi-Filament 3D Printing!

It’s all about colors and details! Especially in 3D printing. More colors enhance the functionality and visuality of the versions. Create your customized designs with seven various color choices. All that with Co Print. Take your existing 3D printer beyond boring monochrome layouts!

different print designs, figures

Co Print allows you to use filaments with 7 different properties. Various properties of the material give you the possibility to produce various functional designs. The world of Multi-Material 3D Printing is calling you!

Designed to be easy to use

Co print adapts to the demands of users. LCD screen control panel on the control mechanism makes everything easier. So, the print beginning and hands-on procedure procedures for automatic filament adjustment can be conveniently regulated.

Co print design

It has a unique working system to ensure that it can go in hand with many 3D printers. It identifies the filament change moment with the help of the limit button. But also regulates the filament advancing gears by the 3D printer. So the 3D printer actually, while working, performs multi-filament prints.

Co Print is preferable for Bowden printers

However, the Direct Drive printers can be compatible with a few configurations. The majority of FDM 3D Printers have the very same filament progressing system. They moved the mechanism from the system and the bearing system so it can be used in all 3D printers. You can connect the 3D printer without any software program connection. Also, there is no modification or calibration needed after being installed.

compression system

Extruder gear, bearing, and also compression springtime systems are crucial in filament feeding systems. With these vital attributes in mind, Co Print is also designed. Issues such as jamming in the pipelines during filament change have been eliminated. They achieved that with the exact filament feeding system.

Including something brand-new to 3D printers is usually bothersome

That’s why they created Co Print to be easy to set up. That works for the majority of FDM 3D printers in the marketplace. Consequently, you can obtain great multi-filament 3d prints in let tat 10 minutes. That is how long it takes for installment.

what co print can do for you

Preparing multi-filament printing is as easy as everyday printing. As well as are all the functions of Co Print. All you need to do is prepare the model with the Prusa Slicer application. Save the generated Gcode documents and the 3d Print file. edited with Co Print Gcode Editing Application, and the newly create Co Publish documents.

jordan 3d

Start 3D Printer, prepare files and let your 3D printer perform Multi-Filament 3D Printing. As quickly as routine printing!

Simplicity is the key

The world of multi-color and also multi-material 3D printing is developing every day. They want to bring something new to the market with Co Print. There is a desire to enhance the object size that existing FDM printers can’t. In addition, generate without needing commercial 3D printers for certain fields. They designed Co to innovate versus the existing options out there. Give it cost-effectiveness, an easy operating system, as well a simple interface.

multi filament module

Co Print has finally come to life with 2 distinctive models. Numerous hrs of testing time with different printers and excellent feedback were delivered by a team of experts. They believe that they can transform market fields such as education, health, and hobby… All that with easy-to-use, small, and budget-friendly Co Print.

co print in action

Environmental commitments

  • Lasting layout

They created Co Print to be resilient for long-lasting usage. Also, managed to draw out the best high-quality job. From the industrial style of the plastic parts to the belt and pulley system.

  • Reusability and recyclability

95 percent of the parts of the Co Print product can be converted into filament and not go to waste. Thanking the machinery of huge plastics reusing plants.

  • Sustainability

They produce their product with PLA plastic. This is because recyclable starch-added PLA filaments are very durable. This way, it is utilized for a long time ’till it is reused.

  • Sustainable Distribution

 When supplying Co Publish they will make as little waste as possible.  Therefore, created their box design most minimally. Going in hand with global standards. This way, they aimed to reduce the quantity of cardboard.



Their team has actually spent the past two years living in the Co Print world. Now, they are prepared to go into manufacturing. Their exceptional supply chain and also manufacturing planning is on the peek finally. All this is possible now because of their strong and strategic collaboration with Creality.


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