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CoinTickr | Real-Time Crypto Ticker Powered by CoinStats


20,000+ coins and 300 exchanges real-time tracking. Live price alerts. Free CoinStats Pro or Premium Membership.

Established in partnership with CoinStats, the leading crypto portfolio monitoring platform, CoinTickr is the most recent IoT gadget for every single crypto financier and lover.

Bull or bear, you always need to keep your eyes on the reward. With a dynamic market that flips by the second, you need a specialized screen to keep you ready at all times.


With real-time access to 20,000+ cryptocurrencies and 300 exchanges. From your work desk, kitchen counter, fridge door, or swimming pool – you’ll never ever miss the following journey to the moon.

Every information factor of CoinTickr is powered directly by CoinStats’ live database of 20,000+ coins and 300 exchanges.


They’ve partnered with CoinStats– the leading crypto profile administration platform on the marketplace with over 3 million customers and 5-star industry-leading crypto features. So you’re always on top of your HODLings with real-time crypto price updates.

Back your CoinTickr today and earn CoinStats Pro or Premium Membership with it.

You do not need a CoinStats account to take pleasure in CoinTickr features. This is just a unique free present to their Kickstarter Backers.


Up 10%! Down 20%? Oh no! The market is as dynamic as ever before and you have to be up to date all the time!

CoinTickr allows you to schedule up to 5 price alerts. The lights blink and the alarm system goes off.

CoinTickr is that minimalist, developed, a does-one-thing-and-does-it-amazingly gizmo that lets you place price-checking out of your mind.


It sits silently – or often not that quietly – on your work desk or bedside combining the 3 core features that any kind of crypto HODLer ever requires:

  • Price alert lights – to indicate ups & downs in the market.
  • A preferred crypto/currency or FIAT/currency tracker set
  • Flexible durations to see hourly/daily/weekly/ month-to-month variations

Keep an eye on your cryptocurrency growth at any time. CoinTickr houses an energy-saving OLED display that has a lower power intake, no backlight, a real black background, an anti-glare display, as well as no latency response time.

1 hour, 1 Day, 1 week, or month – select the timeframe when you wish to track the exchange cost stats.


CoinTickr is based on CoinStats crypto as well as FIAT databases, allowing you to quickly choose amongst Bitcoin or altcoins, Fiat prices, exchanges and also have them all in front of you.

CoinTickr OS is powered with OTA (Over-The-Air) automated firmware upgrade features, so you can keep your CoinTickr regularly updated with brand-new functions and enhancements, entirely hassle-free. Opportunities never wait. CoinTickr’s IP67 water-resistant style enables you to keep an eye on your crypto. Use it while cooking, showering, or unwinding at the swimming pool. Keep your finger on the pulse.

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