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ComboHub | The World’s 1st Split-Apart Laptop Hub + Adapter


A USB-C hub w/ wireless charger & a 65W adapter w/ AC power cord to be combined or separated for maximum functionality & portability.

ComboHub is the very first versatile magnetic hub that you can use as a whole docking station or separately into two individual parts: a 65W fast-charging adapter. Plus an all-around hub to meet all your working requirements, including an HDMI port with 4K resolution, 15W speedy wireless charger, Type-C PD 60W, and Gen1 data transmission, etc.


The magnetic design allows you to separate ComboHub with ease

ComboHub is the first of its kind that can be separated into two fully functional components: a slim charging adapter, and a multiport hub with a built-in wireless charger. You can only use one when the other one is not necessary. You can share it with your family or work partner.

65W speed charging for solo type-c use. 45W & 18W for laptop & smartphone simultaneous speed charging


If you are trying to keep your laptop and smartphone powering up without carrying a bulky charging adapter, ComboHub definitely lives up to that expectation. With an output of 65 watts, the adapter alone can fast charge a wide range of devices. Whether it is for charging your laptop, smartphone, or both at the same time, just plug and play.

Choose ComboHub to go fast and go light!

It supports up to 100W speed charging if it’s using a 100W charging adapter, which can speedily power up your device while using all ports for your work or recreation.


Extend a crispier & bigger screen using an HDMI port.

The HDMI port supports [email protected] resolution when you are connecting it to protect your laptop, tablet, and even smartphone.

It’s possible to read SD & TF cards simultaneously.

SD & TF card slots support 5Gbps speedy data delivery. Therefore, it only takes 5 seconds to transfer 5Gb data! Do your work efficiently.


Another cool thing that you don’t wanna miss is its wireless drop-n-charge. A 15W speed wireless charging pad is embedded to allow you to power up a smartphone within just 1 hour.

Click & Clap, access all functions in a snap!

A must-have for work and entertainment.

If you don’t want to carry an extra or the original power adapter for your laptop, you can simply take two parts and put them together to use as one unit, to expand your computer’s connectivity while keeping it powered up at 65 watts using a Type-C cable. Make everything more efficient with ComboHub!


Moreover, ComboHub is small & thin enough to slip into the pocket of your suit.

ComboHub is only 100g (approximates the weight of 2 eggs), which will not add much burden to your bag. It allows you to slip it into your snuggest pocket. Work it solo or in dual, as you see fit.

Easolv is a brand that focuses on 3C products and other office work products. Their designers put so much effort into developing and innovating electronic devices and relevant accessories to satisfy the great demands for new technologies.


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