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COMMA 2.0 | Worlds most powerful Fidget

Comma 2.0: World’s Most Powerful Fidget With Solid Results

COMMA represents a new level for what a fidget spinner can be by incorporating unique functions and no mediocrity.

COMMA 2.0 in hand

It is equipped with multiple desirable features to satisfy your fidgeting and daily needs. More importantly, the COMMA 2.0 is designed to join your EDC(everyday carry) by using standardized bearings and being manufactured from only the best materials.

Most spinners can only spin but they wanted something more.

COMMA 2.0 different styles

According to your mood, the COMMA 2.0 can not only spin but also function as a haptic feedback device similar to the feel of clicking the top of a pen. Not everyone wants the same thing in their fidget device so we wanted to have as many functions as possible to satisfy the most people.

The coolest spin

COMMA 2.0 colors

COMMA can provide a high-speed spin just like other spinners or with a quick adjustment turn into a haptic device. Its haptic function is also adjustable so you can control how strong the haptic feature is.

The smallest fidget labyrinth

COMMA  2.0 also has the smallest labyrinth in the world, with a complex and complete system. It will help let everything upsetting go, leaving you immersed in the game of labyrinth.

Improve focus

COMMA 2.0 labyritnh

COMMA 2.0 can help improve your concentration and focus on what you are doing by helping keep your mind focussed on the task at hand. Let those unnecessary worries float away and stay working, making it the perfect accessory for your office.

Relieve anxiety

COMMA 2.0 can help relieve your anxiety and stress in work or life in general so that you are able to concentrate on solving whatever problems you are facing.

Focus on meditation

COMMA 2.0 blue style

 Our other top piece features small bumps/grooves to help you keep track of your movement so that you can get into meditation as quickly as possible. Let your mind drift off and relax with COMMA.

Create new functions for dice

On the other side of COMMA there are small divots that can function as dice. See which of your friends can get the highest number or use it for whatever, wherever, and whenever would want.

Underneath the dice button, there are 11 Viking/Norse runes on the COMMA. Each symbol represents a distinctive meaning. Spin it and uncover the mysteries. Good Luck!

The most portable EDC

They are proud to say that COMMA has an EDC utility tool attached to the back via magnets. Pull it easily when you need to use it. This tool can help you with your daily tasks with its ¼” hex, bottle opener, and box opener/pry bar.

Fully replaceable bearings

parts of COMMA 2.0

 Don’t worry that the bearing may get dirty or damaged after a long time. Because of the detachable bearing system they designed, you can change/clean them easily.

Premium material

 COMMA is manufactured from 316 stainless steel by precision CNC machining. Its mirror-polished surface not only is comfortable to the touch, but it will also look new even after using it for more than 100 years. The size of COMMA

 Get an idea of the size and shape of COMMA by viewing our dimensional drawing below

COMMA 2.0 sizes

They own an independent CNC machining workshop which means they are not affected by outsourcing. All products are made locally to guarantee the best quality and precise delivery time.

Ant Design

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