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Is the first Ultra Clean Self-Sanitizing, Antimicrobial Copper Wallet that doesn’t make compromises.

The world’s cleanest wallet forged from the cleanest metal known to man. Introducing the Copper Clean Wallet. The luxury ultra-clean wallet from Oligo Effect.

The Copper Clean Wallet is forged with the cleanest metal known to man so your wallet will never harbor harmful germs and viruses and will look great for years. It’s all about carrying what you need and maybe a little extra too.


Engineered from a little underground company called Oligo Effect, it can carry over 10 cards and 10+ notes without being a thick boy. With easy access to all your cards at your fingertips, you don’t have to worry about digging for the right card or pulling them out at the same time against your will.

Enjoy a perfect balance of optimized minimalism with full functionality and ease of use.

But unlike most minimalism wallets you can carry more than just the “minimum” and it’ll always retain its tough metal shape, unlike those dirty leather counterparts.


Despite being designed from the precious pure metal of copper the Copper Clean Wallet only weighs in at a mere 0.7oz. Making it both incredibly lightweight and durable. Also, being created from metal it blocks out unwanted RFID scans. This protects your payment data and prevents any unwanted transmissions from your cards. All without disrupting the speed of use or thickness of the wallet. Plus, it looks pretty darn incredible.


Taking up your old, torn billfold that you’ve been (ab)using since the ’90s is never a pretty sight. So it doesn’t increase your stature among the unfortunate people around to witness it. That old billfold that you’ve been treating like a filing cabinet for the past 15 years is rarely a pretty sight to put on display. The metal Copper Clean Wallet doesn’t wear out like a stuffed billfold, it’s an elegant object to whip out in front of the people you want to impress.


What does it mean to be the “Cleanest” wallet?

Well, copper, most widely used in the medical field for its antimicrobial properties self sanitizes itself using the Oligodynamic Effect. This property allows the copper ions to kill Viruses on Contact.

Recent studies have shown that copper surfaces kill more than 99.9% of germs and microbes within minutes. While on stainless steel surfaces, leather, and fabric, microbes can survive for weeks.


It’s the first wallet ever to use this amazing property engineered at the molecular level. The combination results in a wallet that is incredibly bold yet significantly cleaner than any other wallet.

This could be the last wallet you’ll ever want! With a thin profile, essential capacity, luxury quality, functional design, and insane durability. Nano-technology and innovative materials ensure your Copper Clean Wallet looks clean and stays clean. No matter what you throw at it or how long you’ve used it.

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