CORAL UV 2: All-Purpose UV Sanitizer With Dual Protection
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CORAL UV 2 | All-Purpose UV Sanitizer With Dual Protection

Sanitize, Filtrate, and Smart-Dry All-in-One. No Water, No Chemicals, No Mess, No Waste.

Offices, restaurants, supermarkets, and fitness clubs, all have something in common: bacteria. They travel from one thing to another in a matter of seconds, simply by opening doors, hanging onto the bus railing, working out at the gym, spending for coffee, and undoubtedly touching your possessions in between journeys. Life gets fast which means keeping your stuff clean 24/7 can be a struggle.

CORAL UV 2: All-Purpose UV Sanitizer With Dual Protection

They are proudly introducing the Coral UV 2, the globe’s first UV multitask gadget that sanitizes, filtrates, and smart-dries, all-in-one. In the last two years, they have listened to their backers’ and customers’ feedback and have been making improvements day by day.

Coral UV 2 is now updated with an environmentally friendly UV-C LED modern technology that brings an extra effective, smarter and more secure cleanliness on your daily products in your living and functioning spaces.

CORAL UV 2: All-Purpose UV Sanitizer With Dual Protection

The majority of sanitizers on the marketplace only sterilize, however Coral UV 2 does more than that. In order to get rid of the harmful contaminants completely, it is reinforced to provide twin layers of security for you and your household.

With science-backed UV-C LED technology, Coral UV 2 eliminates up to 99.9% of dangerous bacteria in only 10 mins! They utilize 12mw LED lights which are SIX times extra powerful than various other LED sanitizers on the market.

Coral UV 2 records 99% of airborne pollutants such as dirt, dust, and vapor, making sure that only clean air goes into the sanitizer. A lot of UV sanitizers on the marketplace do not have an optimal filtering system, exposing your belongings to unsafe air pollutants and irritants.

CORAL UV 2: All-Purpose UV Sanitizer With Dual Protection

Dampness is an excellent breeding place for germs. Coral UV 2 features a function that dries washable things such as child containers, CPAP masks, as well as toys. Their dryer makes certain a safe temperature that reaches up to 140F/60C– dries flawlessly without harming your valuables.

This function operates independently from the ‘Sanitize Only’ feature. You can sterilize only or sterilize and dry together.

While a lot of competitors test just 1 kind of bacteria, Coral UV 2 has been separately examined versus multiple types of bacteria and confirmed by 3rd party lab tests. Their 268 nm UV-C LED is also ozone-free, secure, and long-lasting to run at home or office.

CORAL UV 2: All-Purpose UV Sanitizer With Dual Protection

Tired of not having the ability to clean up all of your day-to-day essentials in one cycle? Coral UV 2’s raised interior chamber will certainly conserve your time, energy, and the job of running multiple cycles! For a dimension recommendation, it now fits approximately 11 Perrier water bottles (330ml/11oz) or 12 Dr. Brown’s bottles (8oz).

Coral UV 2 does it all. It can be used to disinfect your everyday carry-ons such as wallet, keys, phone, mask, and the list goes on. It can also sanitize and completely dry washable products at the same time, such as baby bottles, shakers, cosmetic tools, utensils, and more.

CORAL UV 2: All-Purpose UV Sanitizer With Dual Protection

Coral UV 2 utilizes high-performance UV-C LEDs that can run over 30,000 cycles. This is equivalent to over 16 years of use. They have actually included moisture and surge protection to the LED bulbs along with an automatic cooling attribute to guarantee optimum and consistent efficiency throughout their life.

You will never need to replace the LED light bulbs. If the bulbs do not operate, your Kickstarter order comes with a lifetime item warranty and they will replace the product free of charge. Filter replacement is additionally completely free and covered for life as well!

Coral UV 2 comes with an operation window and a cycle indicator. The cycle sign light lets you understand when the device is running. While the window shines green, UV lights are on. When the window shines orange, it indicates the dryer is on.

CORAL UV 2: All-Purpose UV Sanitizer With Dual Protection

If you do not see any indicator lights through the window during a disinfecting or drying cycle, it implies either the lights are out or the dryer has malfunctioned. If that’s the case, just contact them and they will send you a brand-new one!

The mechanical security button automatically turns off the lights when the cover is open. Coral UV 2 mechanical switch does not wear out compared to the standard magnetic buttons. Consequently, the security system will certainly not deteriorate in time.

CORAL UV 2: All-Purpose UV Sanitizer With Dual Protection

Child-proof filter locks stop the children from inadvertently opening up the filter. To get rid of the filter, merely twist the arrow to the unlocked position with a coin or a flat thing. To safeguard the filter, turn the arrowhead to direct towards the secured position.

  • Step 1: Push to open.
  • Step 2: Load it and shut the lid.
  • Step 3: Press the ‘ON/OFF’ button and select your wanted cycle. And you’re set to go!

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