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CoreXO | Posture Trainer that is Comfy & Stylish

Posture correctors are a common product on the market. But, very often not so comfortable…

The injuries or bruises underarm pulls you away from the product. Also, it’s not a rare case that your shoulders get hurt. And probably one of the most annoying things is bulkiness. Nobody wants to look like a Ninja Turtle unless it’s Halloween!

But, with CoreXo you won’t have that kind of problem.

Your every outfit will be on point with it. Or, wear it under your clothes, seamlessly!

corexo under shirt

CoreXO is made with the softest yoga/compression pants-like product. This indicates that not only is it stretchy yet very soft on your skin. But its functionality remains untacked. For an extra shoulder & neck stretch, pull down the shoulder bands. Ease the stress from your entire back.

comfortable under clothes

Close the patent-pending “Lats Zipper”. This way you involve the Lats, mid-back, and cups back fat.

lats zipper corexo

CoreXO engages the lats with an upright “lats zipper”. At the same time expanding the chest. Raise breathing capacity!  It cups “back fat” to support shapely rolls. They get in the way of proper alignment. That way engages the abdominals and gets your core fixed.

asjustable shoulder straps

CoreXO’s shoulder straps are positioned to draw the shoulders and neck into the right positioning. This creates an amazing relief of tension. The shoulders and neck are gathered and rested. Often, we overdo our computers and phones. Not to mention bad sleeping habits or just living life.

When your body burns out, or you need additional support at the end of the day… CoreXo adapts and gives you instant relief!

all occasions

Its Beautiful and flexible design fits great everywhere. Wheater it’s the workplace, the health club, or out in a get-together. You can enjoy fantastic poses where ever you go!
Their attractive styles, lightweight, and also comfortable products permit long periods of training. You don’t have to worry about overheating or chafing under your arms.

parts of corexo

Prepare to experience what correct alignment is like.

Your back will thank you later. Good posture is essential. As for aesthetics as well as back health. Specifically, if you intend to stay in good shape throughout your lifetime. Poor posture will likely cause to make some muscles overactive while others are under-active. 

right posture with corexo

Individuals often suffer from continuous pain in the back and bad back posture. They are compelled to use large and uncomfortable devices that restrict movement. Besides being hard to wear for a longer amount of time, also create chafing skin. And in worse cases bruising delicate areas.

stretching back with corexo

Their mission is to create the most significant wave in posture health.

stylish and comfortable, or robust and functional

Enhancing the pose of everyone around the globe in a way that is comfortable has never been easier. And also improves the method they look. They guarantee CoreXO will be absolutely comfy experience. And can be performed during any of your everyday tasks. Your financing will certainly also enable them to submit this product for approval to be qualified for health insurance and HSA payment. This will make a breakthrough for individuals that are suffering from disabilities.

in everyday life

„As a Biomedical Engineer, I’ve worked on complex devices like artificial heart valves, tracheostomy devices, and surgical aid tools. So I knew I needed to use my design experience to make something that could help my back. Once I started seeing the positive changes on my back, I started trying it on everyone I could find, my mom, her friends, my friends, and even an astronaut. “

the creator of corexo

Her posture was becoming worse day by day. Sitting at work hunched over a computer certainly didn’t help. She understood there was a far better way to work on his pose than the standard tight and also unpleasant trainers. That didn’t help, instead, they hurt her shoulders as well as armpits.

She imagined it to work for all body types.

Short, tall, small, big. 

size chart

All while having the ability to alter resistance levels. You have to be able to perform no matter what the activity. Gym, work desk, party, work, whatever you choose.

different colors of corexo

Among the first things that amazed her is that the majority of people attempting CoreXO obtained a back crack in the first wear. This was an indicator that CoreXO actually works. It puts your back in the right position. Instantly, you feel tension relief.

what corexo offers

She listened to people and found out one of the large reasons they don’t use a typical trainer. Due to the fact that they’re bulky, they didn’t feel good when used in public.
So she also made CoreXO appealing to the eye. You will feel good wearing it in public. But also it is thin and soft. Gives you the option to wear it under your clothes.

logo corexo

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