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CORI Super Recharge 96™ | Rechargeable Super Mask

CORI Super Recharge 96™ : Rechargeable Super Mask

High Performance Breathable Face Mask with Rechargeable Filtration Media treated with Anti-Odor coating

In 2020, we embraced a new norm, where donning of face masks has become a part of everyday living.  With many mask types on the market, it immediately became clear to us that there is a need to combat the biggest problems that arise from such products; their single-use, which is bad for the environment, and discomfort, which is due to poor breathability or design. Invisible to many, is also the potential low filtration performance.  

That’s why for the past half a year, they have intensified their research and development to deliver to you. Their ideal reusable super mask, a face mask that checks all of the boxes on SafetySecurity and Comfort. 

Essential Features Summarized

One piece of CORI Super Recharge 96 can be re-used up to 60 times, which displaces 60 pieces of disposables. In a Single year, one would expect to use at most 6 pieces of CORI Super Recharge 96, which would reduce the amount of used disposable masks significantly (ranging from 720 to 1000 pieces per annum).

Being ultra-light and compact, the CORI Super Recharge 96 can be kept in different discrete locations for better preparedness, especially when there are mask shortages on the market.  

The Super Recharge 96 is a reusable mask capable of filtering out more than 96% of 0.3-micron sized particles, which has been independently tested at an accredited lab. (N95 Masks generally filter out >95% of 0.3um). This filtration performance can be retained up to 60 washes without deterioration, just requiring a simple rubbing procedure to the mask to recharge its filtration layers.

After each cycle of washing and drying, rub the CORI Super Recharge 96 between your palm 10 times as shown to restore its filtration efficiency. 

The most important aspect of the CORI Super Recharge 96 that they had engineered for, is its superb breathability with its excellent filtration properties. In comparison to a diverse range of disposable or reusable masks tested, the CORI Super Recharge 96 presents the lowest breathing resistance. This is achieved by careful selection of the filtration layers that combine both mechanical and electrostatic filtration properties. 

The Science of Tribo-Electric Filtration with Superior Breathability

In order to achieve the best breathability with ultra-high filtration performance, a sequential filtration array was designed with the use of specially selected materials. The outermost layer, a biocompatible reticulated polyurethane foam serves as a Particle De-accelerator, slowing down particles with its microcellular channels that resemble a maze of pathways, achieving macro-filtration of larger particles between PM 2.5 to PM10.   

Smaller particles that are not trapped by the foam, are slowed, and are trapped by either the hydrophobic non-woven mechanical/electrostatic filter (PM2.5 to PM0.3), and the innermost tribo-electric electrostatic filter (PM 0.3) with a combined efficiency of over 96%. 

The two filter layers can be rubbed against each other to recharge the electrostatic filtration properties of the layers back to a very high performance, which is why they decided to call this product the SUPER RECHARGE 96. 

Using premium materials available, from the ultra-soft biocompatible microcellular polyurethane foam, to the skin friendly and adjustable soft silicone rubber straps, coupled with the unique designed C3Ratio™, the CORI Super Recharge 96 is engineered for maximal comfort, suitable for everyday usage and activities.

To achieve odor control and cleanliness, we utilize the latest gold/silver technologies from FUZE Biotech. FUZE is a permanent, chemical-free technology that can be applied to any surface or textile to prevent and protect against odor. 

Speech clarity is one of the most important things in communication especially when we have to be masked up. Miscommunication leads to many undesirable outcomes, wrongly communicated messages, hurt feelings, broken down collaborations etc. Fret not, when the Super Recharge 96 allows you to speak with superb clarity with minimal muffling. 

The Super Recharge 96 Mask with its adjustable straps and buckles, there is little to worry about nose to ear distances measurements at all. In order to have the best fit and comfort with our mask, our mask is designed to form a comfortable cup that fits over your nose and mouth for most common face sizes with a nose to chin measurement between 8.5cm (min) to 13cm (max). If you can use a regular sized surgical mask or a regular n95 mask, this mask should fit you alright, with significantly better comfort. 

1. Wash the mask gently either in running water or in a basin with your favorite cleansing or disinfectant soap. 

2. Press the mask in between a towel to squeeze out excess water. We do not recommend wringing. Pressing the mask dry between a towel or piece of cloth will help extend the reusability and life of the mask. 

3. Hang to dry

4. When Dry, rub 10x to recharge its high filtration performance. 


The materials – The Polyurethane foam that is in contact with users has been tested to ISO10993 Standards for Biocompatibility by GLR Laboratories, a GLP Accredited Laboratory. The filtration Media within the foam has also been tested by independent 3rd Party GLP Lab in Singapore, TUV-SUD. 

In-House Testing – In order to facilitate fast R&D, they procured a PFE Tester of validated design earlier this year. The PFE Tester meets many reference standards and gives both the particle filtration efficiency read out and also the differential pressure reading for breathability. 

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