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CROSS WORLD | The two modes 4×4 Off-Road Monster Truck

2IN1/Drift Mode Wheels/Climb Mode Wheels/1:10 Scale/Sport4X4/2.4Ghz/Max 45KMH/7.4V2500mAh/30+ Min Play

Introducing the CROSS WORLD (CW) – The world’s latest 1/10th Scale hobby-grade 4×4 Off Road Monster Truck Electric.


Features a groundbreaking design with two modes, both on Drift modes and climb modes. First in this industry for a 1/10th scale Truck Side by Side, upgrading the Remote-Control modes which just has been configured one all-round button on transmitter, and two kinds of wheels, which allow the truck driving in all terrains. With a 2.4V Max-30C 2500mAh high-density Li-ion battery, the battery life is up to 30 mins. CW01 equips four powerfully motors, max speed up to 45 km/h.



As the all-terrain Monster Truck, CW equips a 48mm Omni-Directional Wheel with 9 Rubber wheels, suitable for more harsh roads like the beach, muddy, sand, rock, or bush. CW can realize left and right translation, large-angle drift, tilt 45°direction movement, square track movement, and other movement modes. 

They also chose 11cm size of off-road wheels, with nice features-special good road-holding, CW could be speeding up to 45 km/h on asphalt road or concrete road.


Remote Control mode

CROSS WORLD upgraded the Remote-Control mode which configured one all-round button on the transmitter. 2.4 GHz transmission, let your control synchronize. With all-direction control, the installation of Omni-Directional wheels, CW can realize left and right translation, large-angle drift. There are two buttons that control CW to rotate left or right in place quickly, to remove obstacles around the CW or play in more movement modes.

As the ordinary controller, they still have the button to fine-tune the direction of steering the right button should be adjusted unified the rotation rate of motors. 


Ready to Run and Crazy Fast

With four built-in Brushless powerful motors, CW 4×4 off-road come fully equipped. The speed reaches 45km/h or more, which makes the Truck race faster than other competitors.

High-density Li-ion battery

CROSS WORLD has a Li-ion 7.4 2500mAh 30C Rechargeable Battery and a special Double Battery Connector.


Their high-speed remote-control Truck for kids and adults can run up to 30 minutes. Regular and upgraded parts are available to take CW to the next level.

Strengthened frame and Shock absorption

With a collision-resistant and Nylon-Silicon frame, the 1:10 scale CW boasts extraordinary road-holding, operation, and durability. The damage-free Shocks and Heavy-Duty Wheels allow you to drive the CW on all terrains like beaches, sand, rock, or concrete road.


With four multi-lever wheels arm support and shock absorber, CW drives more stable. CW should be the best driving state, adjusting the power of the shock absorption spring.

DIY All Parts

Each part of CW can be completely replaced with a more powerful one according to demand or upgraded parts. The parts are available on their official website or E-commerce website.

Body Shells

According to Backers’ demands, they equip the light and firm PVC materials as the CW body shell, only 50g weight. The shape of the shell keeps the car stable at high speed. They prepared 2 kinds of light and firm PVC shells as a unit. Show off by switching between the 2 different Body Shells.


This is the first-ever Kickstarter project for them. They knew what it will take to bring this project to successful completion and have worked tirelessly in the last months.

At CROSS-WORLD-YTMF, producing top-quality products is the foundation of their work. They don’t like that you have to replace the product year after year. Therefore, they are taking sustainability seriously. So, all their products will last. With that said, they have vigorously tested each part to ensure that their product holds up under the most rigorous industrial settings.

It is a time-consuming and expensive process but they want to make something exceptional that could be passed down for many generations to come. They create toys and products that empower people to enjoy it by yourself and with your family. They want to move toys forward and bring about the next generation of 4×4 Off Road Monster Trucks.

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