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Crownes Chess | Compact, portable nesting chess set

Crownes Chess: Compact, portable nesting chess set

It’s a compact solution for a full-sized experience. Play this elegant chess set anywhere with anyone!

Crownes is a modern approach to a timeless game. Each piece is precisely designed to fit one over the other in sequential order, creating a uniformly compact stack.

A full size set awaits within an efficiently sized solution. Set up, stow away and bring along without compromise. 

It provides a simplified way of organizing your pieces. Remove and place or stack and go. It is perfectly nested together for your convenience.

Magnetic bases (*Premium set only)

16 pieces, an entire team, is nested together and magnetically drawn to the centralized base, creating a handheld barrel for each opponent.  

The two teams can be stored in a cylindrical, compact carrying case for you to bring pieces anywhere with style, while minimizing mass.

Play the classic game wherever you please with this space-saving and portable design. Crownes impresses the world with a refreshingly simple, but functional design. 

Reveal & Play: Unroll the board to reveal both teams. Remove each team from their storage cases to sequentially unstack the nested pieces in perfect order.

Nest, roll and go: Go on your way by rolling up the carrying case of both teams into the board, becoming an easy-to-carry ensemble.

The centralized bases split open providing a stable platform for each piece to rest on.

The tubular, space-saving design makes storing convenient and effortless. Place in a bag, luggage, cabinet shelf or in the open. The minimized footprint is easy to carry along or tuck away.

Lifestyle pictures and videos of Crownes on the campaign page are created with prototypes. Please refer to the “Set Details” and “Specifications” tables for all color, material and size information.

An additional set of queens, to promote your pawns, are available for Premium & Original sets as “Add-On Perks.”

Each set of extra queens comes in a compact designed storage case with rubberized end caps,  designed to store inside the main carry case with the rest of Crownes Chess Set’s pieces.

Premium Sets: Stainless Steel (bronze & black) for $15 exclusive IndieGoGo InDemand perk pricing. 

Original Sets: Zinc Alloy (silver & black) for $10 exclusive IndieGoGo InDemand perk pricing.

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