CURA plant care
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CURA | 360° Plant Care

Your plant’s best friend. With horticultural lighting, automated watering, smart-home integration, and beautiful ambient lighting.

Such a great and efficient way to grow your plants at home! CURA just looks great and does the job right! So, don’t miss the opportunity to grab it for the early-bird price on Kickstarter!

CURA 360° Plant Care
CURA 360° Plant Care

Introducing CURA – “360 Degree Plant Care” Solution that Turns Any Corner into a Garden

CURA is designed to make sure that every indoor plant stands in all of its beautiful and leafy glory by giving it exactly those light wavelengths and water portions it needs.

CURA 360° Plant Care

The Altifarm team is proud to announce the launch of the crowdfunding campaign for CURA. The ultimate IoT-driven and App-controlled “360-degree plant care” system. With ingenious lighting and watering solutions to care for any size and type of plant at its finest.

CURA’s professional-grade LEDs and the use of selectable presets ensure that the plants are surrounded by the little sun all year round. In other words, helping them produce all the necessary nutrients they need for growth and blooming. 

CURA 360° Plant Care

Powered by high-efficiency OSRAM LEDs with a carefully-chosen spectrum recipe. CURA gives the power of the sun and can support a wide range of plants from seeds to vegetation and flowering. Moreover, the CURA pump manages programmable automated watering, to avoid the hassles of routine watering. Therefore, the pump integrates into the CURA lamp and does automated watering. As programmed on the App by drawing water from the reservoir. The amount of water or its duration and schedule are just set on the App by efficiently managing the watering even while the plant parents are on vacation.

CURA 360° Plant Care

Standout Features

  • CURA offers three snap-on mounts – floor-mount, wall-mount, and tabletop mounts. It can go with three sizes of CURA rings and three premium finishes – silver, gold, and graphite. Each mount allows for up to 180-degree lateral movement and vertical height adjustment.
  • While being an object of design and elegance itself CURA brings the decor alive and elevates any ambiance through mood lighting with help of supplementary RGB LEDs.
  • Cura grows plants up to 50% faster compared to growing under the sun. It is also like having little suns in the corner of your home above each plant. One that is always shining come spring or winter.
  • Cura pumps water to the plant like a punctual gardener. Without any forgetfulness and knowing exactly how much humidity they need to keep their leaves from drying out and to encourage new growth. This is similar to the smart drip irrigation system in food farms.
  • CURA App gives the exceptional opportunity to control all the CURA products at home with unique tags. As well as to watch and map the growth of your plants with a weekly calendar. It has presets of 1000+ plants that measure photosynthetically active radiation and calculate the daily light integral.
CURA 360° Plant Care

Design and Elegance

CURA’s exceptional classy design and thoughtful details are made to fit every modern home. It elevates any decor and complements any plant. It introduces a compact levitating circle design inspired by the shape of the sun, with premium metallic accents and an organic leaf-like motif, that also acts as a heatsink to aid heat dissipation from LEDs to prolong their life.

CURA 360° Plant Care

Its upper half is metallic with fins to aid air circulation while the lower half is transparent to celebrate the tech inside. PU (polyurethane) coated steel cables are used for suspension, with easy-to-attach brass fittings for a premium feel.

CURA 360° Plant Care
CURA 360° Plant Care

About the company

Altifarm Enverde is a startup based across the USA and India. Altifarm began its journey in 2017 upon sensing that there’s a growing need for an all-season modular home farm owing to the demanding, fast-paced lifestyles people lead in today’s world, and across four successful crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, have brought the joys of indoor gardening to and earnt the lifelong friendship of 20,000 amazing backers.

CURA 360° Plant Care

Grow anything you want with CURA

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