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Cyclemate | A convenient & portable Collapsible Bottle

Space saving design is perfect when you’re “on-the-go” – easily fits everywhere.

It’s not always simple or practical to bring a large bottle however being able to hydrate is excellent. Meet Cyclemate, one of the most portable, steady, and sensible retractable bottles! Fold it flat, take it anywhere.

Cyclemate water bottle made for the outdoors, one of the most mobile, economical and practical bottles.


Fold it up continuously up to10000+ times. From 16.4 cm to 4.3 centimeters.

The collapsible and lightweight layout means you will conserve 80% of the space. Easily put it in your pocket, or any type of bag, mobile and very easy to store, simple to execute.

Drink water whenever and in any place possible.

Whether you’re traveling or working indoors, Cyclemate has every little thing you require.


100% Leakproof NO HYPHEN

A silicone sealing ring to avoid spills.

The trademarked nozzle layout ensures that the nozzle is tight when closed.

After carrying out numerous drop examines the Cyclemate was undamaged – verifying their collapsible water bottle is both tough and soft.

Different from all the rounded bottles, their bottles have a hexagonal shape to make sure that individuals can grasp the bottles much better as well as not slip from their hands quickly when utilizing them. Cyclemate is likewise the initial hexagonal water bottle on the planet.


Large caliber container mouth can adapt to a range of various methods of adding water, making it simpler to use.

The Cyclemate wide mouth design makes the bottle simple to clean as well.

The bottle is from healthy silicone and is risk-free to clean in the dishwasher.

Cyclemate bottles are made from thick & soft food-grade silicone that maintains the item’s toughness and drinking experience. The silicone withstands temperature levels from -50 ° C to 200 ° C and is secure to keep in the fridge or dishwashing machine. The cap is made of eco-friendly PP material, which is durable.

Cyclemate bottles are also free of BPA, BPS, phthalates, lead, latex, and other hazardous leaching chemicals. (The silicone has actually been accepted by both the LFGB & FDA = the highest level of accreditation in the US and Europe).

A highly durable product; Silicone is a non-toxic product that can endure extreme temperatures without seeping hazardous chemicals. Easy to clean – adaptable sufficient to fold up & strong enough to form a safe bottle when unfolded.


Plastic is located in greater than 60% of Seabirds and 100% of Sea Turtles according to a variety of ecological studies. In 2021, roughly 500 billion plastic bottles/cups a year will certainly be utilized. Disposable Plastic takes five seconds to make, just used for a couple of minutes can take up to 500 years for it to break down once more.

Plastic pollution is not just damaging to people but to the environment and most importantly, the lives of Marine life.

The activity to lower single-use plastic products has come to be a global effort, everybody has to do something about it.


Whether in your home or restaurants, non-reusable cups are used more and more, even if it’s convenient, the fact is that plastic bottles/cups: the main basic material is polypropylene, if the water temperature is too high, the interior material of the mug will fracture and produce damaging compounds to human health, long-lasting usage will definitely be harmful.

Cyclemate is the best option for disposable water bottles, and you can reuse them to ensure the safety of your drinking water and contribute to the environment.

You can bring it anywhere and anytime; is ideal for traveling, gym, cycling, running, camping, fishing, trekking, mountaineering, yoga exercise, beach, outdoor sports, etc.

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