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DARKFADE | The flashlight we wanted!

DARKFADE | the flashlight we wanted!

Once you try DARKFADE you’ll wonder why it wasn’t like this before

Nobody can stand scrolling through flashlight modes to find the brightness you need. Is this the last one? Nope… And start counting modes again!

They solved this problem by making an invisible knob. You keep the only button pressed, you turn the whole flashlight to adjust to the specific level you desire, and finally, release the button.

DARKFADE the flashlight we wanted

But not only that, you can even decide the desired brightness BEFORE you turn it on!

Do you want to turn it on at the lowest level to avoid disturbing the others? EASY!

DARKFADE the flashlight we wanted

It should always have been like that! Why did it take them four years?

In the beginning, they tried adding things like magnets, spikes, clamps… Anything they could think of!

Until almost by accident they tried putting the lens at 45 degrees.

DARKFADE the flashlight we wanted

This is by definition the most comfortable way of holding anything, this is the way you’ll hold your DARKFADE.

All of a sudden it was the most natural way possible and it’s always right!

No more holding the flashlight in your mouth or strapped to your head or all kind of other things that felt always WRONG!

DARKFADE the flashlight we wanted

Attach it to your belt or t-shirt and it always shines where you want

Set it on the floor and it’ll be always so satisfying!

The most natural position in a flashlight, it’s just satisfying to hold.

DARKFADE the flashlight we wanted

They have chosen the best LED they could put their hands on (from SAMSUNG) but they didn’t stop there.

They designed a lens that’s actually 200 microlenses together. This makes the smoothest light imaginable.

DARKFADE the flashlight we wanted

Other flashlights, to be able to state on the box how far the light goes, use an old dirty trick of focusing the beam light right in the center.

This allows them to write that the beam of lights goes incredibly far. What they don’t tell you is that it is absolutely horrible.

DARKFADE the flashlight we wanted

Having a super bright center beam is not only annoying to look at but it’s also incredibly useless! They opted for having the closest to perfect beam that’s always usable and a pleasure to look at. No strange artifacts and the beam is smooth and nice from side to side.

Their goal isn’t to just turn the light on, is to turn the darkness off!

DARKFADE the flashlight we wanted

The World’s Most Satisfying Flashlight

The charger is IN THE DARKFADE. Yes, it’s a lot more expensive to produce this way but you can charge it with virtually any USB-C cable!

The same cable and charger you already charge your phone with. So finding a way to charge or keep charging your DARKFADE can be done anywhere you want.

DARKFADE the flashlight we wanted

They keep one in the car the whole time… But what if you want to keep DARKFADE on for an insane amount of time? Well,

Take your lovely battery-powered Dyson vacuum cleaner.

The battery is low but you didn’t quite finish. Easy you think, I just plug it in and use it wired like the good old times!

Just place it somewhere and it’ll make noise and flashing lights as soon as someone or something will move it! This is your added security while camping in the forest or maybe just staying in a sketchy Motel room on your next adventure!

They borrowed the idea of attaching accessories with a rail from the gun industry. They just made it thin and slick. This opens up a number of possibilities, it’s not just locking you into one.

DARKFADE the flashlight we wanted
  • LED: Samsung LH351D
  • Beam Distance: 125m
  • Peak Beam Intensity: 3800cd
  • IP Protection: IPX8 (Waterproof)
  • Battery: 18650 Li-Ion (overcharge, low charge, charge protection built-in in DARKFADE; Vmin 2.9v, Vmax 4.2v, Vtyp 3.7v)
  • Lens: Beaded-face lens, over 200 micro-lenses
  • Patent and Design-Patent pending
  • PRO CLIP – Aluminum attachment (Add-on)
  • Springsteel CLIP – Included in every DARKFADE
DARKFADE the flashlight we wanted

These are not official data because they can vary on so many things that it’s impossible to determine at this stage, but they can tell you what they aim for:

  • 1.5 hours on max brightness
  • 3 hours on medium brightness
  • 10+ hours on low brightness

But they’re very proud of the fact that you can use DARKFADE with a power bank connected for as long as you want with a standard USB-C.

DARKFADE the flashlight we wanted

The battery can be replaced easily and you can virtually use any 18650 Li-Ion since the discharge and overcharge protections are built-in in DARKFADE.

They have also added two smaller LEDs in the lens (one green and one red) that will help know if your DARKFADE is running out of juice or if it’s at full charge and many other things. 😉

DARKFADE the flashlight we wanted

Pro Clip

Compared to the standard clip (included) made of just spring steel (it snaps in place) the PRO CLIP has a rail attachment in aluminum. This doesn’t have just a more appealing look but it’s also easier to position exactly where you want it and change position or orientation (standard clip remains included). They are designing a whole ecosystem of attachments for the rail as well as giving you the files to 3d print your own rail attachments!

Magnetic Necklace

This is probably the best way of positioning DARKFADE on you. Set the Magnetic Necklace under your t-shirt and just snap DARKFADE into place, change orientation and angle as you wish. Forget those heavy, eye-blinding lights strapped to your forehead! This is the way, right in from of your hands.

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