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DayDisc | Personal activity tracker

High-concept, low-tech habit tracker. No battery, no screen, no app. Just magnets and you.

DayDisc proudly presents their radical and effective new kind of personal activity tracker. It’s a high-concept, low-tech life-changer. That’s a big statement, but they’re completely confident it’s true.


Jewelry, augmented

A beautiful, gender-fluid statement piece, this is bling that cares for you – DayDisc is an elegant pendant and an ingenious self-development tool for enhancing lifestyle and well-being. It makes creating and maintaining new habits easy, by letting wearers take control of their lives and helping them track the time they invest in themselves. It does all this with a striking, sun-inspired, conversation-sparking form.

High-concept, low-tech


DayDisc has no screen, no battery, no microchip, no app, no sync, no updates. 

Instead, they thought differently and aimed to build something clever, not ‘smart’. They combined modern machining technology with sacred geometry and magnets to engineer a timeless, solid-state clock, and they researched ancient and modern wisdom to make it a powerful daily ritual object. DayDisc draws on ideas from the Appropriate Technology Movement, advocated by Buckminster Fuller and Gandhi, among others, to combat our increasing digital fatigue and the planned obsolescence cycles that soon make e-waste of most of our gizmos.


It just works

DayDisc uses two fundamental forces of nature, magnetism and willpower, and some basic principles from psychology and coaching (think dopamine loops). Its twelve grooves, marked from first to last, firmly hold the magnetic tracking orbs with a precision fit and a satisfying click.  DayDisc challenges wearers to dedicate twelve moments to themselves each day.

What for exactly is up to them, making their connection with their DayDisc truly personal. Decide on your goals, assign orbs, and experience the transformation of intentions into habits. Aim to complete 12 repetitions of a particular activity each day, tracking completed activities by moving the orb sequentially from groove to groove. It’s a fun and achievable daily challenge: complete one orbit. A simple, clear, and effective way to begin and sustain positive change.

  • Firstly, precision machined from solid metal, polished to mirror finish
  • Secondly, neodymium magnet inserts are press-fitted: no adhesive used
  • Thirdly, DayDisc is a solid-state mechanism with no internal moving parts
  • Practically indestructible, will remain functional for millennia
  • Magnetic grooves receive Orbs with a satisfying fit and click
  • The intuitive dial is discrete but easy to read
  • Moreover, personalized engraving possible on the reverse
  • Lastly, these are the twelve clicks in your day that really counts

The Focus Orb

Select your favorite color Orb to track the transformation of a single intention into a single habit. Aim to complete 12 repetitions of a particular activity each day: one orbit. To sum up, it’s a simple, clear, effective way to begin and sustain positive change.


Mind, Body, and Spirit Orbs

Select three Orbs, and assign them to the domains of Mind, Body, and Spirit. Track your activities in all three domains simultaneously. This pattern is challenging but very rewarding. Use the stacking capabilities of the Orbs for some fun orbital dynamics.

Reminder Orb

Pick an Orb to live on your fridge, or desk lamp, or somewhere handy and visible. It will remind you of your daily goal. Additionally, use it to remind yourself of meetings, appointments, or deadlines, by presetting it in the appropriate groove, eg. 4 pm = groove 4.


Preparing for launch

Founded in 2020 by Alex and Chloe, DayDisc is deeply influenced by Alex’s background in archaeology and anthropology. Because DayDiscs are built to last forever, they like to think of them as future archaeology. Alex came up with the idea in 2018, based on an antique clockmaking tool, and has been testing and refining it ever since. Chloe brought the support and the drive to get serious about commercializing DayDisc, and her experience of the startup world, her eye for detail and design, and her precious partnership have been invaluable in getting them on Kickstarter.


What you get

First Edition DayDiscs will be available at ‘early bird’ prices starting at £99, exclusively on Kickstarter. There are thousands of customization options: select different metal DayDiscs, different electroplated orbs, different metals and styles for the chain. Additionally, specially sourced vegan leather and Ahimsa silk, inset stones or personalized engraving. There will be a very limited edition of extra special DayDiscs too. So, there’s surely a DayDisc for every style. And every DayDisc will last you a lifetime.

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