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De Light | A Fold-Out Convertible Streaming Light & Stand Set

Integrate all lighting essentials making you shine in social media contents into a tiny box. A pro-grade studio straight out of the box

De Light is the first all-in-one, easy-to-operate, and space-saving streaming light and stand. It will fit in a small portable box that allows you to unplug, fold and shine. It’s got everything you need to have that flawless, hassle-free, and flexible illumination to evolve your content and step up your game. In other words, no need to be chained to the heavy load or the power socket. Most importantly, you can use it on the desktop, on the floor, or better yet, on the go. Vlog your way through every adventure.

De Light

Integrate all lighting essentials into a tiny box.

De Light magically conjures up one beauty light, two poles, and phone mounts from a compact box that doubles as a freestanding base with a modest footprint.

  • Telescoping poles that extend to full length in seconds.
  • It is super easy to set up and reposition. It keeps your desk or floor slick and tidy for effortless streaming.
  • The breakthrough dual-pole design makes more camera positions and angles possible.
  • The heights and angles of the light and the stands are adjustable to make you look stunning in all scenarios.
De Light

It typically takes multiple lights that require a lot of space and installation in order to get a better live streaming effect. De Light does a great job with a footprint small enough to fit on any surface. It a must-have light setup for YouTubers, Instagrammers, all your selfies, live streams, and TikTok videos.

Made from durable yet lightweight material, De Light folds up for easy carrying with a 21.3cm (8.4”) length and width and 6.4cm (2.5”) in height, and a weight of only 2kg (4.4lb).

De Light

Prevents trip hazards and is easy to maneuver around.

Firstly, De Light runs on batteries which gives you maximum convenience in handling light when you take your stream on the road.

Secondly, given De Light’s flexibility and mobility, you will want to use it for everything in all sorts of different places. It helps you look illustrious and professional to your viewers.

Additionally, you can adjust De Light up and down in steps in both color temperature and brightness and mix and match. Perfect for finding the lighting accurately reflecting your visual mood and making you the star of the show.

De Light

The color temperature of De Light can be tuned on three levels with the low end being 3000K, a midpoint being 4500K and a high end being 6000K. Whichever it is, it gives your face that cinematic vibrant radiance.

De Light’s brightness intensity can be tweaked on five levels on a scale between 1,900lm and 10,000lm. All produce an unmatched glow that creates flattering even skin tones without harsh shadows.

*When tested from a distance of 22cm (0.7ft), the brightness of De Light as perceived by the human eye is 310lux, 530lux, 750lux, 970lux, and 1200lux.

De Light

The edge-lit LED architecture in De Light will provide indirect, ultra-soft lighting. Consequently, it is easy on your eyes while making them sparkle and light up.

Choose De Light and choose the perfect lighting. In other words, it ensures your posts don’t get lost in the dark and gives you an edge over other vloggers.

Buttons on the remote for long-distance illumination.

De Light

De Light comes with a remote control that connects wirelessly to your phone via Bluetooth. So you can adjust brightness, color, shutter, etc. from a distance.

Buttons on the base when used in short range.

De Light gives you absolute control of your vlogging or photoshoot. Moreover, it makes you focus more on the content creating and less on the instrument maneuvering.

The poles and case material is premium alloy aluminum and ABS respectively. The high-quality material and latest technology deliver unmatched performance and incredible durability.

De Light

The team behind De Light DOXG Tech Co. Ltd. is an innovative tech company established in 2017. Its dedication is focused on the R&D, manufacture, sales, and customer service of products like cell phone accessories and small home appliances. They uphold the design concept of simplicity—less is more. In the creation of original tech products that are full of style and ingenuity. To sum up, DOXG assembles a highly efficient and professional team that cleaves through the global market. They are concentrating on consummating every task.

De Light

Innovation and R&D are in DOXG’s genes. It is now the owner of 25 utility model patents and 4 patents for an invention. Among these 3 cover America, Korea, Japan, and European countries through PCT international application. It has experienced ID/MD engineers and designers who invent a unique series of all-in-one collapsible products. Overhead video stands, desktop/floor streaming lights, electric fans, smart vanity mirrors, etc.

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