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Deeper Connect Pico | World’s Only Decentralized VPN

World’s thinnest, lightest, smallest pocket wonder!

Deeper Connect Pico is one of the most unique and also effective cybersecurity hardware devices! Incorporates a 7-layer enterprise-grade firewall program. Also, it’s the one and only Decentralized VPN (DPN).

pico design

Pico continues the tradition of the Deeper Connect family members of items. With the exact same plug-and-play configuration and all the familiar features! Easily supplied for individuals who travel regularly. It has an included Wi-Fi adapter, so you can enjoy a secure and quick private network, anytime and anywhere!

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No Annual Fees or Subscriptions

It is fully packed with DPN (Decentralized VPN), ad blocking, and Cybersecurity functions. Pico can save you as much as US$ 600 a year. If you compare it to registering to concurrent services.


No Configuration

Deeper Connect Pico is a truly all-in-one service! Meaning, minimal configuration to your devices! Sound cool already, right? Wi-Fi Adapter comes with it, and You just have to set up the Pico. Enjoy its amazing features, at home or on the go!

It is not VPN, it is the better DPN

The world network of Deeper Connect devices is possible giving a decentralized VPN experience. Provides with Multi-Routing, Smart Routing, and unlimited access to material from any place in the world. And without giving up Net speed.

mode 1 pico

DPN is not a VPN, DPN has no central servers. Have control over your encrypted data. Also, censorship is cost-free. That way offers a democratic internet, with no speed going down!

mode 2 pico

In the Decentralized Private Network (DPN), each device has a dual function. Weather for the customer, but also the server. Their IP address will be automatically altered based on their transmitting policies. Deeper Connect Pico can develop up to 16 passages! All to various nodes all over the world. By default, they will be established in the United States, Europe, Singapore, as well as China.

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Enterprise-grade Cybersecurity

Pico includes a fully-featured suite of enterprise-grade safety features. That way provides you safety while online. In addition, secures all your IoT devices. Never again fret about your household’s safety and security. Surf online and be sure that every device in your network is protected.

Atom OS, 7 layer, low cost

The lock-free operating system on the Pico, AtomOS, provides a 7-layer firewall. With in-depth packet inspection, anti-tracking, and much more. These attributes are commonly found in enterprise-grade products, but their price is several times bigger than Pico’s.

Secure All Your IoT Devices

Deeper Connect Pico grants peace of mind. It stops maliciousness from getting to your private information. But also IoT gadgets, desktop computers, as well as anything else attached to your network! There is no configuration necessary. Once the device is powered on your network, it will remain safe.

global connection

Blocking All Advertisements

Depper Connect Pico can block all ads, including pesky YouTube ads. Get rid of irritating disturbances while you are browsing or enjoying video clips!

world connected

Intruders such as pop up’s, banner advertisements, embedded advertisements target you based upon your details. So, after blocking those ads by Pico, you can be undisturbed while surfing the web.

Parental Control

Pico provides basic and also effective adult control. Maintain your kids safe from dangerous material on the net with a single click. It will enable/disable a filter for porn and also violence-containing websites. Enable filtering to obstruct those inappropriate internet sites. Even set up your very own customized checklists. It gives you control over which web content can be accessed.

cybersecuracy, vpn

Bandwidth Sharing

They do not have any central web servers. Every Deeper Connect remains in essence a web server as well as a client. All these gadgets disperse worldwide to communicate. With that share bandwidth with each other.

pico design picture, intruders

Every customer can set a restriction for the capacity he/she wants to share with others. The second advantage is that customers can receive credit for sharing their bandwidth. Later on, trade them for Deeper Network services. That includes month-to-month software application updates.

Team story

Deeper Network stands for the globe’s very first decentralized blockchain network. Proud for developing a personal, safe and private, and fair Internet.


Deeper Network Inc. was founded in Silicon Valley in 2019. The vision was leveraging blockchain modern technology. That way it empowers the users of the internet. Also, it helps build the Internet 3.0 infrastructure. In addition, it is an obtainable gateway for everybody to sign up for change.

staff, team

Their project team is world-class talented individuals. The majority of staff members were previous employers in Google, IBM, Alibaba, etc. Their technical core team members are from Palo Alto, Fortinet, various other businesses… Known as global leaders in cybersecurity.

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