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Delux Seeker | Ergonomic Vertical Mouse with OLED Screen

Delux Seeker

Full Spectrum Light Vertical Mouse with Display Screen & Customizable Controls for Better Handling Experience and Ergonomic Comfort

With an innovative vertical handheld design, DELUX Seeker is expertly crafted with an aesthetic curve and honeycomb hollow shell that perfectly fits the hand. A detachable magnetic wrist rest greatly relieves hand and wrist pain that is common with typical mice.

DELUX Seeker

This ergonomic mouse features auto-sensing RGB backlighting and provides you with an immersive control and customization experience. With 6 programmable buttons & an OLED screen for status display. DELUX Seeker has wide compatibility and offers 3 wired & wireless connection options so you can switch between devices with one simple click.

DELUX Seeker

DELUX Seeker supports 3 wired & wireless connection methods compatible with virtually all systems. You can either use the wired cord connection for simplicity and saving the battery or connect wirelessly using a USB receiver. DELUX also works in Bluetooth Mode to connect Bluetooth-enabled devices like Windows / Android / Mac OS. Grab and go with DELUX Seeker, work seamlessly anyway you choose!

With 3 different connection methods, DELUX Seeker supports one-key switching between devices.

With the switch button at the bottom, the mouse can switch between multiple devices on the fly.

DELUX Seeker

If you’re the one who prefers to have exact control over your mouse, you deserve an upgrade! Keep an eye on essential parameters at a glance. As the world’s first vertical ergonomic mouse with an OLED screen, DELUX Seeker Pro is ready to display key stats including DPI, battery level, connection mode, and status. You always know your current mode and status as well as exactly how much battery power is left.

If your work requires you to perform repeated actions throughout the day or you want to give fast commands for gaming, you can program DELUX to do it! Equipped with 6 buttons (including 1 scroll wheel) and 1 thumb trackball, you can optimize your work by assigning a specific button for a specific task such as copy, paste, delete, and other functions.

DELUX Seeker

With up to 4000 DPI optical sensors, DELUX Seeker offers high-precision mouse control for more accurate tracking!

Everyone knows that sitting at a desk in the wrong position can be uncomfortable and cause neck and back pain. But do you know that using a mouse with improper ergonomics can also be cause injury? Bad ergonomics, uncomfortable angles, and lack of hand support cause discomfort and inflammation in the wrist. An ergonomic mouse helps maintain proper hand and wrist position for better health.

Being a combination of comfort and performance, DELUX Seeker Ergonomic Vertical Mouse is the perfect solution for desktop work! Get relief with an ergonomically designed vertical mouse that fits your hand and work pain-free with DELUX Seeker!

Just like a pair of comfortable gloves that can perfectly fit your hands and fingers, an ergonomic mouse places your hand on the mouse surface in a natural way and lets you grasp and move it effortlessly. DELUX Seeker adopts a vertical handheld design to correct arm placement and rotation, allowing it to rest in a neutral position. No more cramps and arm strain injuries!

DELUX Seeker

The ergonomic concept is not just the angle and structure; it also lies in every streamlined curve of the mouse body. With an aesthetic curve and well-positioned thumb rest, DELUX Seeker fits the contours of your palm for a comfortable and relaxing grip.

For people that perform highly repetitive or prolonged tasks on the computer, adequate wrist support is essential. To improve your office working experience, DELUX Seeker is equipped with an optimally-sized detachable magnetic wrist rest. It gives proper support to your wrist and hand while using the mouse.

DELUX Seeker

DELUX Seeker also looks great on your desktop.

It adopts a premium sensor for a motion-controlled auto-sensing backlight effect. When your hand approaches the mouse, it will automatically turn OFF the lights or turn ON when your right-hand leaves. Set impressive lighting patterns and effects with the software or even customize your own!

DELUX Seeker

DELUX Seeker comes with a conventional shell and a light-weighted hollow-out honeycomb shell. The back shell is easily removable for cleaning so you can change it to keep your palm cool over long work or gaming sessions.

Founded in 1994, DELUX has over 27 years of experience in the scientific and technological industry. Focusing on the R&D, manufacturing, sales, and services experience for A.I. products. DELUX has been a long-term Intel strategic partner and has exported products to more than 120 countries worldwide. DELUX consistently strives for progress and development in order to create innovative solutions and devices for its supporters.

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