DOBOT MG400 - Lightweight Desktop Collaborative Robot
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DOBOT MG400 | Lightweight Desktop Collaborative Robot

Build your robot applications with an industrial-grade desktop robot

The MG400 is a lightweight desktop robot with a footprint smaller sized than a piece of A4 paper. Developed to be light-weight, user-friendly, and risk-free, MG400 can be conveniently integrated right into any type of assembly line or laboratory bench, making it universally accessible as well as economical. Because of its price and capacities, MG400 grows in applications with small production, laboratory automation, research, and development.

DOBOT MG400 is created for small and mid-sized businesses that need to handle seasonal demands and high levels of modification. This industrial-grade, portable robot can adapt to short-run manufacturings seamlessly and clients can utilize it to automate procedures consisting of testing touch display, filling and unloading parts, dispensing, top quality examination, etc. Commercially Available Industrial-Grade Performance to make the best use of MG400’s potential as an efficient tool, professional and reputable performance has actually been made the top concern since the beginning of the layout process.

DOBOT MG400: Lightweight Desktop Collaborative Robot

Key functions consist of: Professional Hardware: MG400 has a controller design based upon Linux real-time system, and uses the most innovative 1-to-4 servo drive innovation.

High Precision: All axes make use of low-voltage DC servo-electric motors with high-precision outright placement encoders, and mechanical transmission gets rid of reduced backlash. All these put MG400 in a superior placement to generate repeatability up to ± 0.05 mm.

Long-lasting Durability: they’ve rigorously checked MG400 to ensure is developed with a life span of more than 12,000 h (10 hours each day over 3 years).

Made for Desktop Application Scenarios, MG400 is designed with small-scale manufacturing in mind. With a 190mm (7.48 inches) × 190mm (7.48 inches) footprint, the robot is lightweight enough to bring in a backpack, and also portable enough to sit on a work desk, or alongside an existing production line or cell, offering you complete adaptability across your business.

DOBOT MG400: Lightweight Desktop Collaborative Robot

Inherently Safe: So Gentle It Can’t Even Hurt a Balloon

With security as its core, MG400 embraces a sophisticated collision detection algorithm with an accident force threshold less than 12N. The robotic stops instantly when it touches a barrier, putting it in the same league as the globe’s ideal robots.

Vibration Suppression Algorithm: Fulfill Tasks Smoothly & Steadily

The taken-on resonance reductions formula enhances repeatability bandwidth stability by 60% as well as reduces recurring vibration by 70% without influencing the space trajectory precision of multi-axis activity. This suggests that the robotics’ tool will certainly relocate more progressively without jittering, ensuring smooth implementation of tasks.

TrueMotion Algorithm for Applications Requiring High-Accuracy Trajectory

MG400 leverages TrueMotion Algorithm, a DOBOT-developed modern technology including speed planning and vibrant algorithm. This allows the robot to supply precise trajectories at secure rates, hence mastering jobs like dispensing.

TrueMotion Ensures Accurate Trajectory & Consumer-Level Simplicity

Teaching MG400 is as Easy as Moving Your Own Hand!

With the dynamic gravity settlement algorithm embraced in the robot, novice users can effortlessly move the robot wherever they like. MG400 will certainly be able to relocate to these taught with best-in-class accuracy.

Several Controls for Beginners & Professionals

MG400 is programmable through the teach and playback, block program, and also LUA scripting, ideal for novices without any programming experience as well as veteran designers alike.

DOBOT MG400: Lightweight Desktop Collaborative Robot

10 Minutes to Get MG400 Up and Running!

Mount the robot on your workbench, plug-in power, and connect to your computer utilizing an Ethernet cable or to your tablet via Wi-Fi. Lastly, open up their software program, and the MG400 is set to go.

For developers to have much better access for making use of robots in their tasks, DOBOT MG400 aids with four programming languages: C, C++, C#, and Python. Precompiled dynamic library for WINDOWS and Linux 2 systems, along with demo projects for Qt, ROS, LabVIEW, MATLAB system, can help their developers to build up their very own applications in a short time.

MG400 is the brainchild of DOBOT years’ competence in controller design, servo drives, control algorithms, software, and hardware programs. Featuring a maximum haul of 750g (1.65 pounds), 440mm (17.32 inches) reach as well as ± 0.05 mm (0.002 inches) repeatability, the MG400 can take care of a selection of repeated commercial applications without endangering performance. With specifications like these, robotic applications such as pick and place, product testing, arranging, dispensing, as well as examination have never been so easy and cost-effective to accomplish.

  • Max. Haul: 750g
  • Joint Speed: 300 °/ s.
  • Reach: 440mm.
  • Open Ecosystem for Compatibility, Expandability & Scalability.

MG400 is compatible with a variety of other technologies, making it ideal for advanced and complex applications. With the assistance of TCP/IP and MODBUS TCP, the robot can be attached to a vast array of modern technologies such as smart cams for dynamic positioning of variable components on conveyor belts, PLCs for multi-robot cooperation, a third-party visual software program such as DobotVisionStudio – offering you the required flexibility to create quick and easy screening applications, different types of plug and play grippers, making it much faster for users to set up applications, and even robotic application programs customized by customers.

DOBOT is a world-leading service provider of intelligent robot services. Founded in 2014, they have transformed from a robotic startup of 5 enthusiastic roboticists right into one of China’s greatest robot firms working with over 300 workers, 60% of which, they are proud to say, are devoted to R&D. Over the last 5 years, DOBOT has offered greater than 40,000 robotics in more than 100 nations, reaching 200,000 users from production, education and learning and business around the world.

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