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DOCKCASE | USB-C High-Speed Smart Hub

Hy there!

Today I picked something for the IT-crowd!

It’s upgraded Docky!

Compared to the previous generation DOCKCASE Visual Dock, the user interface of the new generation DOCKCASE Smart Hub( 8 in 1) is newly upgraded to the DockOS. Which is the globe’s first hub OS!

design dockcase

Upgraded Dockcase 8 -in-1

The previous Visual Dock can only show real-time data information of the linked peripherals. On the new one, with DockOS, you can also select the functioning setting of different user interfaces. Customize the working parameters, to recognize human-machine interaction. The DockO can upgrade to make it suitable for more devices.

computer dockcase and attachments

The newly included D-Key button

This button is used for DockOS system operation to bring a much more user-friendly experience. Which is easier for customized use and parameter settings, than the previous.

One button, numerous identities. D-Key enables you to control various functions. Switch operation modes and also turn the display smartly to adapt to different functioning circumstances.

Heat solution

chip temperature

The previous Visual Dock was using a standard heat insulation approach. The goal was to avoid the internal temperature level of the chip from conduction to the outside as long as possible. That could lead to the loss of the inner chip. Especially after using it for a longer period. The brand-new Smart Hub has a built-in full-chip cooling system. It is geared up with a high-performance silent fan. This fan can be preset to turn on the heat dissipation. That way makes your work stable and secure.

cooling fan DockCase

DockCase 8 in 1 is bigger than the previous

With a slight size upgrade, it also brings a larger screen! That way you can check out data much more conveniently as well as clearly.

bigger/smaller dockCase

Compared to the previous Aesthetic Dock ( 7 in 1), DockCase has two USB 3.2 ports. By that, you satisfy the people’s need for USB-A ports on the new Smart Hub. At the same time, as consumer need for USB-C port increases, they upgrade the card reader port to a data USB-C port. That way they look after both card readers as well as other USB-C port equipment.

fast data transmission

What You see is what you get!

No longer worrying about the visual experience. The development of HDMI technology brings a revolutionary change. 2 switchable HDMI modes redefine exactly how real [email protected] can be.

usage od DockCase

The DockCase Smart Hub can transform [email protected] host to [email protected] output in the Extreme Mode. The [email protected] compatibility is boosted by 92% compared with conventional hubs. You have a smooth and also extreme HD experience.
You can also pick the Balance Mode to recognize the transmission of [email protected] and also 10Gbps USB data transmission. Furthermore, 0-8 signal levels are offered to stabilize HDMI output. Either display flicking, black screen, or other situations.

The real power of DockCase

Occupied Power of Hub: 5-25W can be picked to adjust to different power demands, 5W can make the computer fee at the fastest rate (95W), as well as 25W can be connected to high-power devices such as HDD as well as portable SSD. The integrated 24V CC high voltage protection secures the motherboard from being burnt out, so you can use it with no worry.
What’s even more, the NS-Switch alternative allows you to enjoy an immersive experience whenever you wish to play games on a bigger screen.

switching modes

5 secure data USB ports including USB-C port are adequate to use synchronized multiple peripherals. Three USB3.2 Gen 2 ports transfer data at blazing speeds up to 10Gbps in no time at all.
It only takes 2 seconds to move a 2G movie in the High-Load Setting. Each data USB port can provide power of approximately 7.5 W, which enables stable quick charging as well as data transfer at the same time.

Two extra USBA 2.0 ports make it easy to use traditional peripherals such as a keyboard, computer mouse to save energy in the Eco Mode( the Eco Setting is offered for subsequent upgrades).

Gigabit Ethernet port

DockCase sustains 10/100/1000Mbps network rates, which can offer a full play to the performance of the network. It guarantees connection immediately as well as smoothly. Online gaming, working, video clip streaming, in a flash!

fast ethernet

When using an ordinary hub, it is easy for the temperature to rise. That can create unsteady data transmission, efficiency deterioration, potential safety risks…
Utilizing the Smart Hub, you do not have to worry about these problems. The full-chip turbo cooling system is geared up with a high-performance quiet fan. 65-85 ℃ optional fan control enables the system to immediately start the fan to cool down to make sure that the interior temperature level is within the safer range.
Upgradable firmware optimizes your Smart Hub continuously . Also, is compatible with more devices.

User friendly

DockCase has been taking note of providing you with an extra user-friendly experience. You will always be in peace with this device.

The removable wire is convenient for you to change cables in different usage scenarios. It resolves the issue that the hub can not be used when the cable is damaged. That way also saves you from unexpected expenses.
The unibody design with the zinc alloy shield provides far better protection for the internal components. At the same time, you can feel the best streamlined and cold texture when held in your hand.

DockCase in use

The idea of “Making things much easier and also enhancing your effectiveness” leads them to the release of the Smart Hub! So, they wanted to show all the detailed information of the connection that permits you to understand and master them ahead. The goal is to achieve the best performance!

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