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Dum Audio
Dum Audio

Hello, dear Melomaniacs!

Yes, odd word, but the meaning is simple: The person who loves music!

One of modern life’s deepest satisfaction is listening to music! Especially in high fidelity.

Dum Audio Team believes too many people are missing that out.

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With extremely complicated tech as well as five-digit costs, the world of stereo has come to be an exclusive club. Leaving out true music lovers who aren’t proficient in audio-speak or armed with tens of thousands of dollars.

Dum Audio provides a gorgeous, superior sound!

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It filters out the unnecessary complexity of both acquiring and also playing hi-fi sound. Leaving only the necessary: simple elegance of great design and also high-fidelity sound for music fans of all stripes.

High fidelity is a profound and exhilarating experience.

While the music on a portable device sounds like it’s almost there, listening in Stereo Hi-Fi is hands-down the ultimately best way to listen to recorded music. But, sadly, it ended up being so hard to reach it, that people do not even recognize what they’re missing. Dum Audio Team is determined to change this! They believe if you like songs, you are worthy of hearing them on the hi-fi only!

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All rhythm. No algorithm.

Dum Audio places analog initially, purposefully leaving screens, WiFi as well as data-monitoring behind… Their system calls back to a time when listening to songs was a transcendent as well as an immersive experience!

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With Dum Audio, there are no disturbances, alerts, or weird AI getting in between. Sit back, relax and tune in to your favorite music session… In a market stressed with smart devices as well as smart tech, they have actually made hi-fi unashamedly foolish almost primitive. Yet, perfect! All in the pursuit of the purest music experience.

Bringing style to sound once more

Music is an art, yet somewhere along the line, the systems we play it on shed their feeling of virtuosity and artistry. They came to be, well, unappealing.

woofer, wooden

 Nowadays, we challenge the chunky black boxes as well as space-age behemoths that clutter every Best Purchase and audiophile listening laboratory…But, luckily for you, each of Dum Audio’s four items is crafted in an advanced walnut timber coating! That way proves that state-of-the-art and high design can live symbiotic!

components, wooden Dum Audio

Taking cues from vintage systems and adding modern details, Dum Audio is as elevated in form as it is in function.

Taking the homework out of Hi-Fi

The standard hi-fi industry puts the burden of combining audio parts on the consumers themselves.  The build-it-yourself model definitely alienates most music fans! They don’t want to worry about insusceptibility, signal-to-noise ratio, and standby power consumption.

Dum Audio different position

So, don’t let the overwhelming amount of options ruin the enjoyment that must accompany upgrading to a hi-fi system! They’ve already done the research and also packaged their findings right into a fully-integrated collection! Dum Audio offers you whatever you require as well as nothing you don’t.

Dum Audio makes the setup effortless.

They have actually produced a fully-integrated and streamlined system that gets rid of intricacy as well as complication. All necessary cables are included. As well as no extra parts are required! This implies you can set it and listen to it almost immediately.

man listening to music

They will produce a system so straightforward and magnificent, that it will certainly challenge the traditional hi-fi industry! Yet they’re not going it alone. Dum Audio is being created in collaboration with Gibson Product Design and Convergence Engineering.  They are award-winning professionals with a track record of designing high-end home audio products. Where they have the vision to transform the audio industry, their partners have the technical knowledge to make it revive!

phone, bluetooth option


Worried about purchasing a stereo without trying it out initially? They get it, and it’s why they’re providing an easy 60-day return policy!

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With each other, let’s bring premium audio back to music lovers!

Dum Audio is about to redefine the sound industry by opening high-fidelity audio for all to hear. It is their mission to bring the purest possible sound experience back to songs lovers! Also, doing it in great style. They want you to be a part of this journey!

Dum Audio team

Sound on Ladies & Gentleman, enjoy…

Dum Audio

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