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Easycap | Universal Touchless Dispenser – Works in Any Bottle

An automatic pump that turns almost any bottle into a touchless dispenser of liquids of any consistency, for your hygiene & convenience

An automatic liquid dispenser comes in different sizes of gaskets to fit bottle openings of any size. Just place your hands under the nozzles and start your unparalleled luxury sanitizing experience now with Easycap.


Screw it on, plug it in and start dispensing. Enjoy the convenience and hygiene of an automatic dispenser with a simple setup. Say goodbye to those traditional press bottles and no need to worry about cross-infection from touching anymore.

Place the Pump Anywhere You Want!

Easycap offers you comprehensive protection and 100% convenience around your house on every occasion.


Three functional nozzles (liquid, spray, foam) cover all types of the daily soap. Choose wisely to utilize your shampoo, foaming soap, or alcoholic spray effectively.

  • Compact with different types of sanitizers and liquids
  • Easycap is able to dispense liquids that come in a variety of different consistencies.
  • Avoid Mess and Boring Replenishment
  • Preventing Cross-infection Effective
  • Avoid Any Waste and Save Your Money

Tired of the annoying refills and the mess entailed? Haunted by the smudge around the bottle? Worried about your kids using too little or way too much soap while washing their hands? Easycap is the ultimate solution! It works out any bottleneck and thus avoids all the inconveniences of the traditional soap dispensers. In other words, with Easycap, you are guaranteed an effortless, hygienic soap pumping on every application

Traditional bottles with the manual press may cause inevitable cross-infection. With this fully automatic touch-free pump, you can wash all the germs and smudge away and offer the strongest protection for your families.

Press the on/off button gently to switch the volume level and get the perfect amount of soap based on your need.


Make your soap last longer and reduce waste.

The easy-access control buttons help to dispense a well-measured amount of soap consistently so that you could wash hands thoroughly with perfect dosage avoiding any waste.

Moreover, the hidden on/off switch helps to avoid most of the unnecessary touch, and it is convenient to switch it off for water cleaning or avoiding accidental dispensing.


Works with only 2 AAA batteries, Easycap could dispense more than 10,000 times with great performance. Once switched on, it keeps working for up to 200 days without touch awakening so as to avoid any germ infection to its great extent.

With a high waterproof rating, you can clean the pump right under flowing water, or even submerge it completely in the water. Feel free to place it anywhere without worrying about any damage.

The sensitive infrared sensor detects your hand and provides you with fast, precise, and completely clog-proof dispensing.


Therefore, no messy and disgusting drips around the nozzle after every dispensing, no extra effort of cleaning is needed.

To sum up, the unique seamless-contact design guarantees a non-leakage experience in daily use.

Easycap offers 4 interchangeable gaskets to fit any size of the bottle opening. So, with simple steps in a minute, you can easily set up the unit tool-free and start enjoying the touch-free dispenser.

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