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EBO Robot | Your Smart & Interactive Family Companion

A mobile, self-charging, family-friendly robotic companion that allows you to connect with your loved ones at all times.

Enabot has officially launched on Kickstarter their brand-new social companion robots: the EBO SE and the EBO AIR. Starting today, both EBO Robot s are available for pre-order.

EBO Robot

Building on the success of the original EBO S and EBO PRO, described by Mashable as “a smart robot that could become your cat’s new BFF” and by GearBrain as “one of the best robots to buy for your home in 2020”, the EBO SE and the EBO AIR are social companion robots, designed to keep your home safe, your pets entertained and lastly, your family connected at all times. 

Originally created to solve the issue of pet obesity and pet neglect, the EBO Robot evolved to be much more.

EBO Robot

The EBO SE and AIR represent the next evolutionary step for the home robotic companion. Above all, they provide comfort, protection, and companionship for everyone in the family, no matter the distance.

Most importantly, by responding to consumer feedback, Enabot has introduced a number of improvements and added exciting new features. The new EBO allows for multiple users to log in and control the robot. It also comes with night vision, so users can access the camera day and night. Therefore, the EBO app’s new interface is more user-friendly, and the new wheels, combined with a powerful motor, ensure a smooth ride on all surfaces, including rugs and carpets. 

EBO Robot

EBO Robot product features:

  • Remote Monitoring
  • Firstly, EBO comes with a real-time 24-hour monitoring function that allows you to safeguard your home at all times.
  • APP Remote Control
  • Forget wires and cables. With a simple touch of a screen, you can control EBO remotely and wirelessly using the EBO app.
  • Smart Tracking
  • EBO can detect any moving motion that appears in its line of vision. In case of suspicious activities, it will automatically track (AIR only) and notify you immediately.
  • Two-way Communication
  • With its highly sensitive microphones and speakers, EBO allows you to communicate with your family anytime, anywhere.
  • Automatic Recharging
  • When its battery is low, EBO automatically returns to its charging dock to fully recharge.
  • Obstacle Avoidance
  • With built-in advanced ToF technology, EBO is able to avoid collisions and roam around more freely and intelligently.
  • Auto-Patrol
  • Simply schedule a time on the EBO app and EBO will automatically leave its charging dock and start patrolling.
  • Photo / Video Recording
  • Using the 1080p high-definition camera, you can capture every moment in life.
  • Bionic Interaction
  • Moreover, EBO is able to adapt and change its voice and behavior according to its environment.
EBO Robot

AI Mode (Exclusive on EBO AIR)

  • Face Detection
  • Using advanced AI technology, EBO can detect the faces of people, cats, and dogs. And it doesn’t stop there. It can also follow the selected subjects, allowing for fun interactions.
  • Automatic Snapshot
  • Under AI mode, EBO can automatically capture photos and videos of the selected subjects and send them to you via the EBO app.
  • Automatic Editing
  • Using the photos and videos taken of the selected subjects, EBO can automatically create compelling video clips and share them with you every day.
  • Pet Auto-Play Mode
  • Interact with your furry friends while you’re away by scheduling playtimes on the EBO app. At the scheduled hour, EBO will automatically leave its charging dock, find your pets and keep them entertained by letting out some laser beams, following them around, and dancing to the beat until it’s time to go home.
EBO Robot

Equipped with a 1080p HD camera and a pair of speakers and microphones, the rolling bots allow for real-life two-way communication using a Wi-Fi connection. Through EBO’s mobile app, parents can remotely interact with their kids and pets, and family members can certainly connect with elderly loved ones from anywhere in the world. 

The EBO SE and AIR use a combination of movement, sound, and digital eye animations for life-like interactions.

The steady and nimble moving robots can wheel, roll and dance to entertain pets and people alike while capturing photos and videos of every special moment. Most importantly, all the data is stored locally, using an expandable SD card.   

Surveillance features on both models include 24-hour video recording, infrared night vision, and motion detection notification, which means the EBO will immediately send you an alert whenever suspicious activities are detected. 

Likewise, with exclusive AI technology, the EBO AIR is able to identify your family and pets, automatically record, track and follow them, allowing for fun interactions throughout the day.

EBO Robot

Additionally, AI features include the anti-drop function, pet auto-play mode, and automatic video editing.

Established in Hong Kong in 2018, Enabot is a family bot company whose team members come from a strong robotics background, with great industry resources and extensive experience in the development, design, and manufacturing of consumer-grade robotic products.

Enabot used pet companion robotics as its entry point and released its first product in 2019. So far, Enabot’s products have been sold to more than 60 countries, serving thousands of families around the world on a daily basis.

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