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EDASI | All Season BioGraphene Bedding Sheets


No More Night Sweats, Odor, or Ripped Sheets

While it is invisible to your eye and only a single atom thick, graphene is the lightest, strongest, most conductive material (meaning it transfers heat super-fast) ever discovered since we Homo Sapiens first appeared 200,000 years ago.

Graphene is an extremely effective heat conductor material. It works to personalize climate control. If you get hot, the heat dissipates to help to cool you down.

If you feel cold, the heat is retained and you’re kept in the perfect climate so you can avoid night sweats. 


While sleeping on the graphene sheets your body will keep you warmer by increasing your skin temperature, it will also create less humidity next to your body than a normal membrane. 

With Graphene’s properties, you can avoid the dreaded back of the neck collection of humidity that can make you feel hot, scratchy, and force you to lose sleep. 

What’s unique about Graphene is that it’s proven to create an unlivable environment for dust mites, repelling them and keeping them far away.


This Patented misting process is non-toxic, non-leaching, and non-ionic – and also adds greater cooling power, hyper evaporation for added moisture absorption on top of the already steroid Graphene properties. They are not claiming to prevent or cure any diseases. However, it produces safe, spherical, precise particles that catalyze and safely control odors. In addition, it has powerful features of hyper evaporation, cooling, and UVB/UVB protection.

No Odor is a permanent plus-point with these sheets.  Their advanced BIO Graphene barrier gives total odor control that never washes out. And they do it without the use of Toxic Silver that contaminates wastewater streams.

Most importantly, no odor-causing bacteria can ever grow on your EDASI sheets. In other words, you certainly won’t sense any smell over time.

They finish all EDASI fabrics with a permanent non-toxic misting process.

Their BioGraphene X Supima wicks away sweat and dries fast, so you have a breathable restful night’s sleep.

Graphene is the world’s only Nobel prize-winning material. It’s 200X stronger than steel, is antibacterial, thermo-regulated, anti-dust mite, odor proof & so much more. But they wanted to also achieve a rich luxurious sleeping experience.


They tested numerous kinds of cotton, including 2 separate Egyptian Grades. They selected SUPIMA because of its extremely long-staple fiber, its natural resilience, the fact that it gets softer and softer overtime, and because they can guarantee its authenticity.

This combination of extremely soft, technical, and resilient blend makes these sheets technical and the highest-performance sheets on the market.

They selected a 60s yarn size to achieve as much breathability as possible. They were able to achieve high breathability without sacrificing the silk feeling.  Because of the power of their blend, they are able to get the best of both worlds. The crisp breathability of a percale, and the luxuriously soft silky feeling from a durable Sateen weave.


BioGraphene is the only kind to be brought to life from readily available biomass, making it cleaner, stronger, and better than anything on the market. Recycled from corn cob waste, meaning zero chemical pollution – and resulting in the cleanest sheets on earth.

Their goal is to work towards a Zero Waste manufacturing process and to create products that last and that do not end up in a landfill.

A subtle part of EDASI ethos is the fact that all of their products are ODOR and Bacteria Proof and with Permanent NO Color Fade technology. One very important benefit to developing a fabric whose properties never fade is that there’s no chance of contaminating the wastewater streams.

No water or other resources are wasted in the BioGraphene and Supima manufacturing process.


Is it going to slip off my bed?

Not at all! That’s one of the many pains points they solved! Their designs come with Anti Slip Elastic Corner Straps made from brushed elastic with silicone gripper on the underside I.e you’ll never have to worry about it slipping again! Guaranteed.

Is it hotter than cotton or bamboo sheets?

It’s cooler than bamboo and cotton sheets. The New Fold is super breathable. The combination of Bio Graphene and SUPIMA makes it the ideal choice for hot sleepers! Their fabric Graphenes superior thermoregulating technology to personalize climate control. If you get hot, Graphene’s dissipation and conductivity properties help to cool you down. If you get cold, these same technologies work to warm you up.


Will the Odor Proof or Antibacterial properties stop working?

Never. That’s not the game EDASI plays. They work tirelessly to develop permanent effects at the fiber level and then they finish the fabric with a non-toxic anti-bacterial coating for additional support as insurance of sort. Most brands’ main properties are coated at the finish stage of the fabric, whereas with EDASI they endlessly work to redevelop their fibers so that the effects never wash or fade away. Guaranteed.


Will the color fade?

No. if it does, Free Replacements for LIFE.

Why is the price higher than other brands?

Because their raw materials cost 4.7x to make.  Cheap and fast is not what they are about. They simply don’t want their product to end up filling up the overloaded landfills.

The EDASI products are not for everyone – you have to have some patience investing in a higher-end product to experience higher-end benefits.


Additionally, they make sure all of their fabrics go through a non-toxic proprietary antibacterial misting process. This stuff cost them $1.28 per meter on top of the numbers you’re seeing above.

They are also very strict with their testing measures.  ALL Edasi fabrics are tested via SGS – the world’s leading testing, inspection, and certification company.

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