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EGO EXINNO 240W/120W | The King of Chargers

EGO EXINNO 240W/120W : The King of Chargers

240W 6Ports GaN USB Charger With Real-time Wattage Panel that can fast charge 6 devices: laptops, phones & USB devices at the same time

EGO EXINNO truly stunned me! I need it in my life and trust me, so do you. I mean, charge everything at once, at a super-fast speed. At the same time, it looks so cool. This is the ultimate charger for everybody, no exceptions. When they say ‘the king of chargers’, they mean it. Go get it!

Introducing: EXINNO – The Most Powerful & Smallest 6 Ports 240W GaN Charger

EGO EXINNO 240W 120W  The King of Chargers
  1. The world’s highest output and smallest charger at 240W
  2. The world’s first 6-port USB with real-time wattage display
  3. All fast charging 6-port USB charger
  4. The world’s first USB charger supporting QC
  5. The world’s first USB charger supporting all fast charge protocol
  6. The world’s frist 6-port fast charge simultaneously

The world’s highest output USB charger. Turbo output at 240W

EGO EXINNO 240W 120W  The King of Chargers  key features

The charger contains 6 USB ports:

  • USB-C 100W X3 (PD3.0, PPS, QC5)
  • USB-A 35WX1 (VOOC, SCP, QC3.0, AFC…)
  • USB-A 18WX2 (FCP, QC3.0…)
EGO EXINNO 240W 120W  The King of Chargers  6 ports

Vs Omega 200W temperature 87 degrees

1) The actual output wattage is 232W, 8W has been spared during conversion and transport through cables and other components. The overall conversion rate stands at 97%.

2) The first 20,000mAh power bank completely charged in the first 26 mins, and starting to slow down, and unnecessary for further testing.

3) Exinno’s temperature remained at 50 degrees Celsius after maximum output for 30 minutes. EU CE and U.S. FCC safety standard is 75 degrees Celsius.

EGO EXINNO 240W 120W  The King of Chargers fast charging

4) To maintain such a low-temperature charging environment, 4x GaN IC have been employed.

5) At 3:42, the Omega 200W temperature test is at 87 degrees Celsius

Exinno’s 6 USB ports are each equipped with independent fast charging chips. When 6 ports are utilized at the same time, they can all enter the fast charging state.

6 individual fast charging chips

EGO EXINNO 240W 120W  The King of Chargers

You can fast charge up to 3 computers and 3 mobile phones at the same time, saving desktop space.

Why is EGO EXINNO the world’s first 6 port simultaneous fast charge charger?

Making a 6 port fast-charging USB Charger is very challenging because, in addition to the expensive cost of 6 fast-charge chips, there is also a complicated power formulation.

6ports X 6 voltage X over 7 Quick charge protocols =252 distribution

EGO EXINNO 240W 120W  The King of Chargers

Complicated power formulation

Many people have experienced problems such as a damaged charging cable, a non-properly connected charging cable, forgetting to turn on the power, an AC adapter that does not support the charging mode, a device not charging, or unexpectedly slow charging speeds.

EXINNO incorporates an iconic design in this digital age with a real-time LED wattage display panel.

Each charging port has a real-time charging wattage display that is updated 3 times per second and a fast-charging status indicator.

EGO EXINNO 240W 120W  The King of Chargers

The wattage display allows you to monitor the speed at which your device is charging. There is no need to check if each device is charging, it is clear at a glance.

Horizontal display mode

The display panel bends at a specific angle to facilitate optimal reading. You can clearly know the power distribution status of each port and arrange the devices which need the most power to charge at the fastest ports!

EGO EXINNO is the world’s first 240W Gallium Nitride (GaN) charger in a small pocket size. It is the world’s smallest 240W charger and is up to 70% smaller than traditional chargers.

EGO EXINNO 240W 120W  The King of Chargers

The size of EXINNO that will ship matches the scale shown in pictures and videos. They commit to the size exactly as shown.

Exinno is the world’s first charger compatible with all fast charging protocols. You don’t have to worry about non-support problems.

Exinno supports QC5 and also supports previous versions like QC4+, QC3, QC2, PD, PPS. It contains the most up-to-date fast charging technology.

It also supports all fast-charging formats on the market: PD, PPS, QC5, SCP, VOOC, QC3.0, AFC, FCP, DASH, DCP, FCP, MTK, PE2.0

Ego Exinno supports all USB-A and USB-C devices including Apple, Nintendo, Huawei, Samsung, SONY, ASUS ROG, and more.

EGO EXINNO 240W 120W  The King of Chargers

Despite the effort of envisioning, designing, and manufacturing this product, the benefits of combining all these functions and features together are priceless. The EXINNO charger puts more power in your hand while delivering extra value for your money.

The industry-leading Navitas GaNFast NV6127 and NV6125 Power IC Gallium nitride (GaN) is a new semiconductor material that switches 100x faster and has much lower resistance and capacitance than older and slower silicon chips. This means more power is delivered to the battery, charging it faster, instead of burning the energy as heat which results in the charger warming to the touch.

EGO EXINNO 240W/120W  The King of Chargers

Faster (higher-frequency) switching means the energy-storing passive components in a charger (transformer, EMI filters, capacitors, etc.) can shrink in size dramatically as they store much less energy in each switching cycle.

EGO EXINNO 240W 120W  The King of Chargers  display

The Ego Exinno is the first portable charger in the world to feature not one, but two GaNFast NV6127s and two GaNFast NV6125s designed by Navitas in Los Angeles, California. This enables the 240W power to be reached with minimal heat and maximum efficiency.

EGO EXINNO contains the latest GAN semiconductor technology as of 2021.

After years of development, GAN technology has become much more mature. They have designed 4 GAN chips inside the body to achieve maximum efficiency to control heat generation and reduce the overall size of the charger.

EGO EXINNO 240W 120W  The King of Chargers

THE EXINNO Charger supports worldwide universal voltage (100v-240v) and comes with 3 different plug converters (AU/EU/UK) so that you can use it in 200+ countries worldwide.

You can use the plugs on any U.S. 2-port plug from any device, providing convenience so you never have to bring travel adapters for any of your U.S. devices.

EGO EXINNO 240W/120W The King of Chargers comparison

EXINNO can not only be plugged into the wall, but they have also specially designed a 150cm extension cable for more flexibility. It works with any adapter that comes with Exinno. This means you can charge EXINNO in any country with any commonly used extension cable worldwide.


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