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Apollo Ultra | Elecjet’s Fastest Charging Power Bank

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Today’s gadget is familiar to everybody, but this is something that will definitely bring more attention!

charging with Apollo Ultra

The Future of High Powered Battery Tech is Right Here!

Meet Apollo Ultra!

It is the 4th generation of graphene-enhanced 10,000 mAh power bank. A fully charged device under 27 minutes, supplies you with quick power whenever you need it.

Apollo Ultra and 2 devices

Your backup power supply will be fast and furious with Eleject’s speed!

All you have is 30 minutes before you head out? Your phone will not make it for the rest of the day? It is time for your power bank to assist!

You desperately need a power bank that you can use all the time

Other power banks are not prepared when you are. Yet, with Apollo Ultra, things are a little bit different. It takes him almost the same amount of time – as to hop in and out of a shower. Your Apollo Ultra will be ready to go!

27 minutes fast charge

Thanks to innovative Graphene technology, your Apollo Ultra can get a full charge at 100W of power in as little as 27 minutes.

It’s great to always have power on the go

Need to be out quickly, however, got a dead battery? Don’t charge your phone, charge your Elecjet Ultra! Thanks to the power bank, you will get adequate power and charge your phone while you are already on the road.

design Apollo Ultra

With a USB-C and USB 3.0, you can charge 2 gadgets at once. Also, you can charge your Apollo Ultra while it charges them. Maximize your charging needs with its Dual Charge ability.

2 way fast charge Apollo Ultra

The era of overheating power banks is over

Graphene is just one of the most efficient conductors of heat ever. So, insane charging speeds with none of the overheating is also what makes it so special.

inside, graphene conduct

For every new charging device, it is likely to get warm. It is not uncommon for the battery to warm up. But, Your Apollo Ultra’s battery will evenly disperse the heat. That way stays cool and prolongs its lifespan.

charging laptop With Apolla Ultra

The Apollo Ultra uses USB Power Delivery 3.0. Meaning, it just supplies the optimum quantity of charge to your device. Whether fast or slow mode. 

Wow, Apollo Ultra lasts over 2,500 charging! If you calculate it, well, that’s almost 7 years of everyday use!

Graphene modern technology

This technology enables fast charging without straining the battery. So, you can enjoy your power bank for many years ahead.

Do you worry about your power bank losing capacity? Don’t be, because Graphene innovation keeps your battery running like new for years! You really don’t have to bother with a decrease in performance.

different devices

Graphene is an innovative new material. Made from a single layer of graphite, and with great performance.

Its sheet is one atom thin

Delivering in a perfect structure, like a hexagonal honeycomb. This gives it superpowers! It is just one of the lightest and also toughest materials offered on Earth. 200x lighter as well as 6x more powerful than steel.

honeycomb structure

Yet, what really makes Graphene a game-changer is its capability to conduct electricity. Unrivaled, it is one of the most efficient conductors. It completely disperses the heat making it best for keeping cool. Especially with fast charging.

Approximately the same size as your smartphone

Apollo weighs simply under 230g. However, brings sufficient power to keep all your devices charged. Compact enough to fit in your pocket, you do not require to lug it in your hand. Nor bringing along with a backpack for it.

pocket size Apollo Ultra

Perfect for the outdoors

With an IP65 ranking, the Apollo Ultra can be used in all weather. As well as doesn’t have to be concealed in a backpack. You don’t need to bother with leaving your power bank to charge overnight. You can fill up any outlet in simply 25 minutes. That gives you enough capacity for the whole weekend!

Protect for Flights

Apollo Ultra is risk-free for flights. That way you will never again have to use public ports. Load up your power bank and be your own charging spot.

It seems your charge goes out only in the worst situations. Don’t put yourself in that kind of stress ever again!

2 laptops charging with Apollo Ultra


Elecjet is a team of manufacturers that not so long ago merged with Real Graphene. It was a team of seasoned graphene researchers, but end up being the top graphene manufacturing company!

elecjet team

They believe Graphene will be material for the future. It is the best possible power storage technology so far. With this power bank, they are coming to the market and bringing something brand new.

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