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Energy Block | Anzene’s Ultimate Outdoor Power Station

Energy block is an ideal backup power supply for your outdoor activities!

It will definitely keep all your digital gadgets online when there’s no power supply outdoors. You can enjoy your adventures, since charging cell phones, laptops, electronic cameras, or drones is available everywhere you go.

Energy Block design

Energy Block will work with most of your devices. Gadgets, and portables, including those powered by USB, or DC outlets. 300Wh covers all home appliances demands, as well as the battery. Also, its size gives almost timeless power.

Besides, with a detachable modular design use it in different scenarios, inside and outdoors. Just lift the battery block. After that use it in between house and workplace, as you desire.

Energy Block 100 w

A voltage range from DC output is between 3 ~ 21V. That way satisfies the majority of the portable home appliances requests.  Energy block is your sustain back-up. In an emergency situation of a power blackout or travel, it covers you.

Even that is insufficient? Energy Block is available in a  “bigger” version.

An AC output mount has a bigger range of interfaces. Also, added an international socket, which is a standard. AC output delivers more power, and Energy Block this way covers all your needs.A strong, 80000mAh battery and 300W output (500W surge) can aid all of your devices. They will stay full of power for a whole day.

500 w surge power Energy Block

Listen to this, the double Type-C ports on the DC can give a total of 110W (65W & 45W) of output! And the single type-C port on the AC output offers as much as 100W.

With a firm outline, the case makes it waterproof and dustproof.

It reaches the IP67 degree. The immersion in water from 15cm to 1m for 30 minutes provides you extra security. And as for outside usage, there are almost zero frets.

Battery safety has to be the first thing taken into consideration. To check the sturdiness and durability Energy Block was taken under a lot of tests. An aluminum casing is developed to last for a lifetime. And, 100% of the hardware parts are industrial grade. It means it can endure up to 1000 extra pounds of pressure.

The leading reason for house fires nowadays is lithium batteries.

They end up being most likely to be unsafe. Especially when charging. And the life span reduces after 1-2 years of use. So they took great measures to keep Energy Block risk-free for your family.

“Safety first” is the premise that Anzene puts as a top priority. That is the golden standard of just how they design Energy Block. There are 5-in-1 chip-controlled protections integrated. This will guarantee you a risk-free charging experience. Anzene introduced equipment called, a cell fire extinguisher (CFE). That makes the battery a lot more trusted and prevents it from firing. This guarantees that your battery is 100% risk-free!

To confirm what they stand for, they have actually done examinations on the explosion-proof technology. Unlike software program security approaches, hardware measures are much more important. Also, reputable to shield battery security.

sturdy energy block

To make it even safer, they developed an air valve at the bottom of Energy Block. It launches atmospheric pressure inside if there is a buildup of warmth. this is one way of stopping the fire. The launch of atmospheric pressure will prevent explosion and if the fire was to happen.

Portable power backup has a new definition.


Energy Block powers phones, drones, outside equipment… And much more! A cube is weighing only 2 kilos and 700ml of a volume. Nowadays needs have a perfect solution. This is your on-demand power anywhere you go!

It just takes you 2 hours to fully reenergize Energy Block.

Super-fast air AC adapter is coming along with Energy Block. And if in any case, you wish to recharge a solar panel, it will take 5-9 hours.

solar panel charging time

It all depends upon the sunlight! Energy Block is a perfect solution for energy storage. Specifically, clean energy. Generate 100% totally free green power from cycling. Or use mobile solar panels. With panels, your cube can keep solar power.

At the same time charge different gadgets as well as e-mobilities. This is a great companion for an eco-friendly life. Replace old batteries with Energy Block. Even renew your e-bike with this new power source, and consider yourself fully eco-aware!

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