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Enten | Smart Headphones for Smarter Focus Habits


Using EEG brainwave sensors, Enten measures your focus patterns so you work smarter, not longer.


This is the average time individuals spend actively getting tasks done during a standard workday. And every time we lose focus, it takes an average of 11 minutes to regain it!

Let’s face it: we all get distracted throughout the day.

With our attention devoured by wandering thoughts, physical interruptions, and barrages of messages and notifications, it’s no wonder we feel overwhelmed with:

  • Unfinished work
  • Work-related stress
  • Increased late-night work sessions
  • Poor mental health

What, if you could boost productivity and focus just by understanding your own brain. Meet Enten from Neurable, the smart headphones that tell you how and when you work best.

Enten gives you scientific insights into your brain that help optimize your productivity and block out distractions.


Whether distractions prevent you from getting through an onslaught of tasks, or you want the focus to make your aspirations a reality, N10 helps you stay focused on what matters most and win back time.

When you focus, your brain cells produce electrical signals. N10 has cutting-edge soft EEG sensors woven into the ear cushions that detect these signals and interpret them using advanced signal, processing algorithms.


The Neurable app then translates your brain activity into data and insights that are practical and easy to understand. Track how specific activities impact your focus and dive into trends that show when and where you focus best. In other words, build better habits.

So, you can optimize your day and avoid burnout. Plan certain tasks around your peak concentration times and scheduled breaks for when you naturally struggle to focus. You can even learn what music keeps you in the zone.


While you listen to your playlists on your favorite music apps, N10 will track which songs help you focus and offer recommendations for what to listen to. Learning what impacts your concentration and sharing real-time advice based on your cognitive state, N10 will prompt you to take a break when you need to restore your energy and focus, or when you’re in the zone. N10, will automatically cancel background noise and block notifications to keep you from getting distracted.

Your privacy is their priority. Your data and personalized insights belong to you, and are stored safely, and will never be sold to anyone else. Neurable is a group of leading neuroscientists engineers and veterans of the consumer electronics industry.


With 27 patents granted or pending, Enten is only the tip of the iceberg of how Neurable can apply incredible science to improve your daily life.

Future software updates will enable you to measure emotional states beyond focus, add new controls to your computer or mobile phone, and provide insights into the health of your mind and body.

Support Neurable’s campaign and help make frontier technology a part of everyday life.


Enten by Neurable shows you how and when you work best, empowering you to take back your time so you can focus on what matters most to you.

When Enten senses your focus is at high levels, it signals your app to automatically mute notifications.

An optional “do not disturb” light on the headphones communicates to family members, friends, and colleagues that you’re in the zone.


No small talk, no chit-chat. Nothing to disrupt your flow.

Dr. Ramses Alcaide is passionate about creating a world without limitations. When Ramses was young, his uncle was in a truck accident and needed prosthetics for both of his legs. After watching his uncle go through this experience, he decided he wanted to create technology for the differently-abled. As he progressed with his research, he realized the capabilities of the technology he was creating and its several applications. He realized he could help people around the world by creating an everyday brain-computer interface.


Dr. Ramses Alcaide and Adam Molnar met at the University of Michigan and became the co-founders of Neurable. Since their meeting, they won several business challenges including the Rice Business Challenge. Over the years, they developed several products, making each product easier to use but more technologically advanced than the one before.


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