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Erazor | The Revolutionary Ceramic Blade Portable Shaver

Stay perfectly groomed with ceramic blades that won’t go dull for years, keep clean and rust-free.

Introducing your new finest shaving friend – Erazor! Diamond-sharp ceramic blades won’t go dull for many years and will remain tidy & rust-free. Incorporated with ultra-thin mesh, Erazor will entirely remove every hair under it. Quick reenergize with USB-C.


Erazor uses zirconium dioxide ceramic blades. This product is being used for accurate cutting and is popular for its remarkable efficiency. With solidity going beyond even the very best steel, it will remain sharp for years without sharpening. Integrated with 0.05 mm ultra-thin stainless-steel mesh and a 6600 RPM high-speed motor, Erazor will certainly remove each hair from the root completely.

You can forget all your razors and shavers as Erazor is the only one you will need.

Erazor complies with minimalistic looks, concentrating on offering the most effective shaving experience with the tiniest and lightest profile. A great electric shaver must always be ready to do its job.


The stubby shape of Erazor varies from others. It is tiny yet durable enough to stand up to rough handling. You can merely toss it into your toiletries bag, and also have it carried-on or checked-on for flight.

This is why Erazor has some of the longest standby times and will always work even when the battery is recharging.

The ceramic blade has seen prevalent use in accurate cutting tasks. With its outstanding physical and chemical features, it is gaining popularity within kitchen knives and scissors, in addition to various surgical tools in the operating room. It is exceptionally sharp, lasting, and needs little care.


Ceramic blades are made with zirconium oxide. This is a strong product that is constructed to last especially in utility blades and cutters, which indicates it will certainly stay sharp as well as maintain its cutting side for much longer without needing to replace your blades.

Ceramic blades are chemically inert, and also it is much more resistant to harmful compounds than steel. While metal calls for a set of protective coating to stay clear of premature corrosion, porcelains never ever rust. You simply need to rinse the blade underwater after usage to keep it clean. It is additionally safe for any person with an allergy to steel.

You will certainly save your cash on shaving by selecting Erazor!


For a lot of electric razors, the steel mesh that raids your face is more than 0.15 mm thick. The stainless-steel mesh of Erazor is just 0.05 mm. Normally speaking, the thinner the mesh, the cleaner the shave. Erazor provides a closer and also much more comfortable shave, while the mesh will still safeguard you from getting cut.

With a 6600 RPM high-torque electric motor which is 1.5 times the speed of usual electrical shavers, Erazor can offer a quick and smooth cut. You will certainly find shaving a whole new experience with Erazor.

Nobody wants a traditional electric shaver that is bulky and difficult to carry. Erazor is tiny enough for you to tidy up your beard anytime, anywhere, assisting you to look sharp regularly. Erazor is just the dimension of an egg and also you can bring it wherever you want, it even suits your pocket.


They have the ability to pack the powerful electric motor, three-way ceramic blade, and also rechargeable battery into a small dimension. Erazor is smaller sized than your ordinary pepper container with no external device required. Simply slide it right into your Dopp package before leaving!

Unlike steel, ceramic does not rust, and mold does not grow on it easily, just twist to get rid of the blade mesh and clean it under the faucet, or use the brush included in the bundle to clean that tiny stubble embedded in the razor blade. Easy-Peasy! It is chemically inert and also doesn’t rely upon a safety finishing, so you can utilize any kind of shaving product without worry of corrosion.

Hold the power button for 3 seconds to go into the Safety Lock Setting.


This will certainly avoid Erazor from unintentionally activating and also makes it flawlessly safe in your bag. You can merely hold the power button for 3 more secs to quit this mode. With this function, you will never ever fret about it starting by itself in your pocket or bag.

Erazor is powered by a highly efficient rechargeable battery ingrained inside the body. With outstanding storage space and watertight residential properties, incorporated with the low-friction motor, it stores adequate power for 60 days cutting of ordinary duration. You can generally forget about charging your razor!


You do not need to recharge Erazor each time. In fact, it’s not necessary to charge it weekly! The motor they use is so effective that it can cut for a minimum of 60 days before needing a recharge. Recharge can be done with any USB-C cord and finishes in 2 hours. You might as well use it as a manual razor because you will not need to charge it on most trips anyway. (emergency situation charge, charge 3 minutes for 10 minutes usage).

Erazor has a Type-C USB port that you can charge with a wall battery charger, power bank, or even your laptop with any kind of USB cord. So even if the battery does go off, you can recharge it conveniently. On top of this, Erazor can continue cutting even when it is being charged!

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