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EVO CLEANER | Smallest Car Vacuumer & Air Pump



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look who’s back! This time with the EVO CLEANER 2-in-1 Auto Hoover & Air Pump! From deep cleaning and also vacuuming pet hair to quick pick-ups. From car to truck cleansing remedies, EVO CLEANER does it all.

It is the tiniest as well as most lightweight car vacuumer!

EVO CLEANER is created to catch any type of mess in your cars and truck quickly. But also sets you free from tiresome cleaning. At simply 0.57 lbs. (258g), it assists you to clean any of your auto’s interior.

EVO CLEANER cleaning sofa

It provides uncompromised power as well as a balanced ability to move. Its ergonomic design and portable dimension fit right into your hand! Given that, makes FLEXTAILGEAR’s handiest vacuumer on the market.

You can utilize this mobile vacuum cleaner to move openly to clean up any kind of gaps. Is it the car or truck interior, in between couch paddings in the guest room, the edges of the living room… This portable vacuum you can use anywhere.

Powerful engine inside

Although portable in dimension, EVO cleaner has a powerful 65-watt electric motor. Its sophisticated AIRVORTECH innovation attains 5.0 k Pascals of vacuuming power with High Power Setting. Or 3.0 k Pascals at Low Power Setting. As well as a vortex-like suction that collects the bits from hard-to-reach locations.

most precise cleaning

It spins at approximately 50,000 rpm. With that power, it easily gobbles dirt, mites, hair, together with little and big particles and various other irritating residuals. Fast and also very easy cars and truck interior cleansing experience is your new trick.

Vacuum or pump?

Preparing a road trip or some exterior experience? Bring your EVO CLEANER and also use it in air pump mode. You can quickly fill any large inflatable to greater capacity effortlessly.

pumping the beach ball

Pump up your air products in a breeze. It is an excellent pump for swim tubes, inflatable beds, pools, as well as blow-up furniture! Keep EVO  in the vehicle always! You never know what kind of activities you will face. 2-in-1 will surely be handy.

Battery supply

Isn’t it irritating when your cordless vacuum suddenly runs out of power? EVO CLEANER is outfitted with twin industry-leading batteries of 3000mAh, each! These energy-dense lithium-ion batteries supply 40 minutes of fade-free portable cleaning in Low Power Mode. Also 22 minutes in High Power Setting. That is ideal for fast spill pick-ups and fast cleans anywhere.

battery duration of EVO CLEANER

Type-C fast charging interface is supported for quick recharges. You can charge it through a power bank or a/c adapter. Swiftly prepare it for the next task. EVO cleanser is constantly ready to keep your vehicle’s indoor spotless.

fast charge

The design of EVO is special! It delivers a clean layout, and also minimalism. They respect the details as well as focus on developing quality. Whether on the table or in the trunk, this stylish, as well as a valuable tool, looks wonderful. Additionally, gives your vehicle special touch.

HEPA filter

EVO CLEANER is outfitted with an innovative HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) H12 purification system. It can efficiently collect 99% of dirtiness. Small particles and pollutants stay captured. Therefore effectively avoiding secondary pollution.

hepa filter

EVO CLEANER comes with a washable environmentally-friendly HEPA filter. That’s a far better solution than an average stainless-steel filter. You can easily remove it for cleansing. By doing that regularly, you maintain the best purification performance. Detachable, reusable, and less complicated to clean. Yes, you are always odor-free with it.

40ml large-capacity detachable debris cup

It is see-through and sits at the end of the vacuum cleaner. The mug is removable for cleaning! Also, it is perfect for both dry and wet clean. EVO CLEANER likewise comes with a safety lid. Always maintain the trash in the observable container!

Help you successfully clean up the auto, house, office, gap corners, sofa cushions, keyboard & desks, shelves, hair, dander, pet hair, debris, and  A wide-mouth brush is excellent for carpet and car upholstery. in general – dusting!

The team

logo flextailgear

The company FLEXTAILGEAR was developed in 2015., by four graduates. They share the same passion and goals. It’s a group of skilled outdoor & experience fanatics. They made a decision to commit themselves to designing some new outdoor gear.  They intend to design even more outside items. Experience comfy & risk-free exterior living and enjoy their free time!

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