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Evolution | Pants, Chinos, and Shorts for Ultimate Performance

The Evolution Collection redefines just how you dress! Wheater for traveling, outdoors or every day. It is developed with air-texturized four-way stretch nylon, a unique new fabric!

 The Evolution Collection is more powerful, extra comfy, and also filled with new features. That way allows you to do even more – with much less!

For several years they have been paying attention to your comments and feedback. Also, checking brand-new material innovations. Finally, introduce style to make your favorite clothes better. After years of job, they are ultimately ready to offer the all NEW Evolution Collection! The Evolution Chino, The Evolution Pant, and also the Evolution Short.

The Evolution Collection can be used for several days in a row without washing!

The pants load in smaller sizes than a regular t-shirt. So adaptable and moves with the body. As well as replacing three pairs of pants in your wardrobe.

The brand-new style guarantees they can spruce up for any type of meeting. Even for a wedding celebration! Yet, they are sturdy enough for any kind of outer activity. Sustainably built from the thread up with the comfort of your joggers. But also, with the efficiency of state-of-the-art nylon. The most versatile pants for traveling, outdoor, and every day.

The Everyday Pant, Elevated.

The brand-new Evolution Collection has actually been diligently crafted.

  • a brand new four-way stretch material,
  • improved crease resistance,
  • a stretch waistband,
  • an improved fit

…all that in one pants! Twenty thoughtful details include a stain-resistance, hidden media pockets, a zippered pocket, and also extendable inseams. Quite just, the pants, as well as shorts in the new Advancement Collection, are the world’s best pants!

These are shorts for travel, outdoors, and every day.

When the idea to build a pant as dynamic as your daily life, they knew they had to go back to the drawing board. Reconstruct and construct the pant from the fiber up.

It lasted for years to produce an excellent fabric. It’s comfortable with a matte cotton appearance, a crisp wrinkle-free drape, lightweight resilience, four-way stretch, as well as stain resistance. WOW! The Evolution Fabric is a clean woven twill. It incorporates a sturdy, lightweight feel with very enhanced efficiency features.

The key to the Evolution Fabric is the air texturized nylon.

Various other procedures treat a completed fabric and also at some point they wash out. But, the air texturizing process strikes air into each fiber as it is spun into yarn to ensure resilient soft hand and efficiency. Bringing longevity to the garment.

They collaborated with the globe’s most prominent fabric mills. The goal was to produce the best fabric that is extra vibrant with a cleaner coating!  The special air texturizing process, fine yarns, as well a special mix, all in one. This takes the fabric’s quality to the next level in both toughness and also comfort. The Evolution fabric technology is sustainably made. Authorized by Bluesign and also Climate Neutral certified.

Let’s make things clear – these are NOT just outdoor pants!

The Evolution Collection has actually been carefully developed and crafted from the yarn degree up to perform, look excellent, and really feel fantastic! They fit in every scenario, no matter the weather, condition, or event. The matte material is tailored to fit perfectly. The lack of exterior branding makes the pants and shorts universal. Ware the Evolution Collection in the house, in the workplace, or outdoors. The Evolution Pant is created and sized for a flattering, slimming, yet comfy fit.

  • Pants- A jean style pants with patch back pockets
  • Chinos- A Khaki design pants with welt back pockets
  • Shorts- A khaki style shorts with welt back pockets

The Evolution Chinos and Pants have an extendable inseam.

That way fits a broader range or type of body. The pants are hemmed once at 34 inches, rolled two times, and hemmed once more at 32 inches. To prolong the inseam from 32 inches to 34 inches simply get rid of the threads in the initial hem. After that, iron them on low. When needed, put them to wash with similar colors. On the cold temperature, and reduced detergent. Drying is simple, line dry or tumble dry them on low.  Chemicals from softener will certainly damage color and water resistance, so don’t put any.

Reactivating Water Resistance: In time, the water resistance may wear down. Reactivate it! With a quick spin in the tumble dryer on low or by using a tech wash.

Who are They?


Their team strongly believes it is not just our responsibility yet our commitment to protect the world. This idea affects everything they do. Starting from choosing materials all the way to who they support.  They fund and also advocate for campaigns to preserve wild places. Also, they support social causes that make better for our world. They are very honored to be a Climate Neutral Certified company. This indicates they’ve determined, offset, as well as minimized their business’s carbon footprint.

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