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Explorer MAX Toiletry Bag

Explorer MAX Toiletry Bag

It’s travel without the vanity – get it?

This is Gravel’s sixth Kickstarter campaign! They’re passionate about designing travel products that become trusty companions and today are introducing The Explorer MAX Toiletry Bag!

What Is The Explorer MAX Toiletry Bag?

Toiletry bags – something you need every single time you travel. They’ve set out to design the best bags on the planet.

They know it can be frustrating to buy travel-sized everything. It’s nice to just throw in bulkier items like a hairbrush, contact solution, a larger-sized electric shaver, or even a curling iron. Stay organized, sanitary, & compact.

Explorer MAX Toiletry Bag

The Problem

Most toiletry bags on the market today don’t offer much organization, are HUGE, or…a lot of times people just default to a Ziplock bag.

Shampoo and makeup explosions are the worst. Why should your toothbrush be in the same pocket as stuff like toenail clippers?

The Solution

The Explorer MAX – a super versatile bag with tons of spacious pockets to pack it all while taking up a small footprint in your travel bag.

They’ve obsessed over using the best materials, therefore they’re using their travel-tested QuarryPoly. Super durable & water repellant. It cleans easy & you’ll love the way it feels in your hands.

Explorer MAX Toiletry Bag

Water Resistant Toothbrush & Toothpaste Pocket

Keep debris off your toothbrush and stop toothpaste juices from getting all over your stuff. After you brush – leave your toothbrush partly out of the pocket to dry or zip it away if you’re on the go.

Easily fits an electric toothbrush and travel-sized toothpaste OR a full-sized toothpaste & regular toothbrush. If you have an electric toothbrush and use lots of toothpaste there’s plenty of room for a full size in other pockets.

Explorer MAX Toiletry Bag

Three Deep & Tall Mesh Pockets

Deodorant, electric razors, combs…& other tall items fit great. This is stuff that you access often so with these pockets you won’t have to rummage.

They were able to easily fit items like beard oil, q-tips, flossers, and fingernail clippers.

DEEP Water-Resistant Pocket

Fit stuff like full-sized contact solution, hairbrush, larger razors…even a curling iron. This pocket is SPACIOUS – they’re shocked how much fits. So, store your liquids here to ensure that you don’t arrive at your destination with a shampoo explosion all over your stuff.  Fits up to three Gravel TSA bags. (10” Length x 6” Wide)

Explorer MAX Toiletry Bag
Stowaway Adjustable Strap with Aluminum G-Hook

It’s just convenient to hang your toiletry bag. They built a special pocket on the back of the toiletry bag with a stowaway strap. Additionally, the g-hook keeps a low profile and allows you to hook this bag onto anything. So your toiletry bag can hang anywhere or sit great on any surface.

Explorer MAX Toiletry Bag

TSA Removable & Water-Resistant Pouch (One included)

Traveling with liquids can be the worst. Therefore, they included a clear removable, & water-resistant pouch for an added layer of protection from shampoo explosions. In other words, quickly pull out the pouch and lay it next to your stuff for easy passage through airport security.

They’ve talked with TSA and are proud to say this bag meets TSA’s guidelines as a clear scannable liquids bag.

Use the silicone strap to hang it up anywhere – it works great as a shower bag as well.

Outer Shell QuarryPoly, scratch-resistant, water repellant, washes easy, super lightweight…and it just looks and feels great to touch.

Explorer MAX Toiletry Bag
  • Sheds water & cleans easily
  • Mesh they used is a Poly & PVC mesh to keep it very washable and durable.
  • Toothbrush Pocket TPU – waterproof to keep this pocket sealed off from the rest of the bag.
  • Weight 13.4 Ounces
Explorer MAX Toiletry Bag

The Explorer PLUS & Explorer Slim

No trip is the same. When you need to pack a ton but need an even smaller footprint in your travel bag – three different bags for different travel. Moreover, these PLUS & SLIM bags are updated to become more lightweight & durable than ever before.

Explorer PLUS w/TSA Bag

The main difference between the MAX & PLUS is…the deep pocket. It fits a ton and this is a tried/true bag that we’ve recently updated. The PLUS deep pocket can fit one TSA bag.

They also combined two pockets into one for more versatile packing.

Explorer SLIM

At 2.2x less volume than the PLUS – this bag is perfect for traveling minimally & lightweight. They love these bags for trips where every inch of space is vital. They pack down thin but still pack all the stuff you’d need to stay fresh on your trips.

Lifetime Warranty

They are so confident in their product’s build that they have added a lifetime warranty – plain and simple. If the bag doesn’t hold up for what it was designed for (toiletry carry) then let them know and they’ve got you covered.

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