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Explorer MINI Toiletry Bag

Explorer MINI

They are daring you to find a place in your luggage this won’t fit.

Dealing with overpack-idus? It’s a great ability to pack less stuff and take precisely what you need. With each trip try to travel lighter & see what you can get away without. To them, taking a trip with much less stuff has actually resembled a breath of fresh air. No doubt every traveler would benefit from it. Introducing the Explorer MINI.

Explorer MINI

This bag carries all the essentials & packs right into any kind of little nook in your luggage.

It’s so very easy to overpack and weigh yourself down with things you truly just don’t need. Ziplock bags are very easy by default but are unhygienic, have no organization, & fill the landfills. For sure, nobody wants bits of hair from their razor in their toothbrush.

The Explorer MINI – the perfect toiletry bag to carry all the basics that pack so small you won’t even know it exists.

Explorer MINI

They’re using their traveling tested QuarryPoly. It’s scrape resistant, water repellant, and also cleans up very easily. You’ll enjoy the way it feels in your hands.

Explorer MINI

Conveniently fits:

  • Full-sized toothpaste & toothbrush
  • Antiperspirant
  • Electric Razor
  • Travel Fluid Bottle
  • Chapstick
  • Contacts Case

Two Sides With Pockets

Side 1: Water-Resistant Tooth Brush & Toothpaste Pocket

Keep particles off your toothbrush and also stop toothpaste juices from getting all over your stuff.

After you brush – leave your toothbrush partly out of the pocket to completely dry or zip it away if you’re on the go.

Explorer MINI

Electric Toothbrushes fit! You just need to take the top off.

Side 2: Deep Pocket

What are your crucial toiletries? Reduce mass & weight by packing just what you need.

Hair Shampoo Explosion Protection

Have you ever experienced a hair shampoo explosion in your travel luggage? It’s the worst, so they used water-resistant zippers to retain any kind of mishappenings.

Hang it anywhere with the adjustable & detachable silicone strap.

Explorer MINI

Technical Specs

  • External Covering QuarryPoly, scratch-resistant, water repellant, cleans easy, super lightweight, and it simply feels great.
  • Tooth Brush Pocket TPU – water-resistant to maintain this pocket sealed off from the rest of the bag
  • Weight 3.6 Ounces
Explorer MINI

Gassing up & heading home – When will it all ship?

Their plan is to ship by March 2022. This is their 7th Kickstarter and they’ve got a great track record for fulfilling on time.

Lifetime warranty

They are so certain in their item’s design that they have included a lifetime warranty – plain and simple. If the bag does not hold up wherefore it was created for (toiletry carry) then let them know and they’ve got you covered.

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