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EZSANI | Smart, Safe, Sanitized

An intelligent, touch-free, transforming, 4-in-1 portable sanitizer dispenser.

The EZSANI is their patented transforming, hands-free sanitizer bottle.


The same unit can be used in four different ways:

  • Clip-on to your pocket, belt, backpack strap, or wrist band.
  • Mounts to any wall, metal, or hard surface with our nano-sticker.
  • Their larger refill bottle becomes a desktop sanitizer dispenser.
  • The smaller pocket bottle can fit in your pocket, bag, or purse, with no attachments at all!

You can use the EZSANI to clean your hands, steering wheel, desk, or anything in your life you need clean!


Four products in one!

Here is a bit more detail:

They’ve developed an amazing smart motion sensor system that they’re really proud of:

When the sensor is covered or blocked, the machine will spray only once, then enter sleep mode, instead of spraying constantly.


A quick wave will not activate the machine. Putting your hand in front of the sensor and holding it for 2-3 seconds will activate the spray (otherwise, this would work less like a convenient sanitizer and more like an AI-controlled squirt gun with a vengeance).

And some even tinier details:

  • The energy-saving mode will engage after 4 hours, turning off the machine.
  • 40 sprays are in one full regular size container sanitizer.
  • 40 minutes to charge is all it takes, and that will last about 5 days.

This works for any liquid sanitizer. They won’t try to upsell you something that would be much more expensive than what you can likely get at a local business across the street for a great price.

For $49 USD, you get it all.

One EZSANI machine. The big container. The little portable container. And loaded in the box will be a clip, screw, screwdriver, nano sticker, short pipe, long pipe, mini-funnel, and a USB-C cable.

Colors are available in white or black. You may select your color after the campaign is over in a quick survey.


They’ll leave options to simply buy the big container or just the small container, but then that doesn’t even transform and that’s just no fun, is it?


  1. They promise they will try everything possible to get high-quality, low-cost shipping.
  2. Given enough US backers, they can provide low-cost domestic shipping in the US.
  3. Remember, shipping charges vary based on your country of residence and the number of units purchased.
  4. Duty and fees may apply to some countries.

SL Innovation Corporation is a Canadian company headquartered in Toronto.

In total, they have four patents for this machine (three granted patents and one patent pending).

In 2014 they partnered with the University of Waterloo. They have been providing research and tech support from their amazing Laboratory of Computational Intelligence and Automation. They absolutely could not have done this without them.


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