Filmatic outdoor projector
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FILMATIC Outdoor Projector | Small & Powerful


Meet a small & rugged FILMATIC outdoor projector. With an all-metal body design, IPX6 water resistance, and Bluetooth speaker outdoor lantern built-in, FILMATIC is a great portable projector you need for outdoor activities or daily leisure.

FILMATIC Outdoor Projector

FILMATIC’s design is inspired by armored vehicles and incorporates elements of ammunition boxes. The combination of a classic, retro, and industrial style.

Amazingly lightweight yet powerful, FILMATIC is a super-portable wireless outdoor projector that’s smaller than an avocado!  Only 200g, easily throw the FILMATIC into your bag or a pocket for every outdoor adventure.

A real outdoor device is capable of handling various harsh environments. The shell is made of high-density aluminum alloy with a one-time die-casting process, making FILMATIC sturdy and seamless. It is more durable than traditional projectors with plastic casings.

FILMATIC Outdoor Projector

Drop-resistant & IPX6 waterproof, take away your worries.

Traditional projectors usually use a fan to dissipate heat. They might be noisy after long periods of being switched on, which greatly affects your experience.  FILMATIC uses a brand-new structural heat dissipation system. By using heat dissipation surfaces on both sides of the casing, it ensures a controlled working environment temperature and it doesn’t make any noise to ensure you’ll fully enjoy using it.

FILMATIC powered by DLP technology delivers a sharper, crisper image with true FHD 1080p resolution. Take the cinema with you wherever you go. Just open the FILMATIC and enjoy your favorite shows and movies on up to 120 inches of picture size.

FILMATIC Outdoor Projector

FILMATIC delivers a remarkably bright 200 ANSI-lumen image with its mini body. Moreover, the FILMATIC outdoor projector also uses diffuse reflection technology, without a direct light source. This makes it easier on your eyes and prevents you from too much eye strain.

Equipped with autofocus and auto-keystone technology, the FILMATIC automatically adjusts the focus of the image and any distortions within +/- 40 degrees within a few seconds. In other words, it makes ceiling projections super easy.

FILMATIC Outdoor Projector

Tailor your entertainment to suit you.  You can use any streaming services on Android 8.0. Choose from more than 5,000 apps, including favorites like YouTube, Netflix, and more on your mini projector.

FILMATIC Outdoor Projector

No Wi-Fi nearby? Simply connect your devices or put the TF card into the FILMATIC to project your favorite media onto the big screen – you can even connect devices wirelessly via Airplay, Miracast or Bluetooth.

FILMATIC is also a portable, outdoor and wireless device that uses Bluetooth.

It can connect to external speakers as well as with your smartphone. It’s certainly a great tool to use at parties & outdoor activities or at home or in your yard.

FILMATIC comes with an ultra-bright lantern with a brightness of 100 Lumens to up to 300 Lumens. It can light the way and guide you in the dark which could come in handy when you’re camping or walking around in the outdoors.

The built-in 5000mAh battery makes it very portable. Additionally, you can watch up to 2.5-hour movies or listen to 6 hours of music or illuminate at 100 Lumens for 15 hours on a one-time charge, which is usually long enough for any outdoor activities.

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