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Fingerbot Plus | The ultimate robot to automate everything

Make your traditional buttons and switches smart. Controlled through App, voice, automation, and much more.

From telling bulbs to change colors, to turn off a smart socket on your phone, smart controls have made our lives much easier. But there are also scenarios where a modern smart solution is expensive, troublesome, or even cannot be found.

These traditional devices have one thing in common: they all have buttons and switches for your fingers to control.

Fingerbot Plus

To this end, they created Fingerbot Plus to help you smartly control 99% of existing buttons and switches, and eventually give you smart control over your appliances.

This small team is bringing the world user-friendly and creative smart life experiences. Thanks to their wonderful community, they have successfully run two crowdfund campaigns and have delivered both of them.

Most importantly, Fingerbot Plus will smart your traditional buttons and switches by helping you physically trigger them. Just peel off the 3M tape it comes with, and you are ready to enjoy. Using Adaprox HomeHub and Fingerbot Toolpack, more smart functions, and scenarios are to be discovered.

fingerbot plus
  • Easy installation
  • Control through App
  • With just one tap on our App, your buttons and switches will be instantly controlled from a distance.
  • Control through voice commands (HomeHub required)

No more getting out of the car to shut the garage door! Used with Adaprox HomeHub, the Fingerbot Plus now obeys your voice commands. You can tell it to close the garage door through your favorite voice assistants.

fingerbot plus

Control with touchpad

Fingerbot Plus never makes things harder. With the embedded touchpad, you can still manually control your buttons and switches without being blocked.

Triggering Fingerbot Plus by yourself is basic. Thanks to the Adaprox cloud service, it can trigger itself by various means.

fingerbot plus

Home automation (HomeHub required)

Firstly, Fingerbot Plus can automate with your other Adaprox smart devices. Setup automation in the App and your Fingerbot Plus will shut down your air purifier when you open the window.


Secondly, everybody has a routine in their lives: a cup of coffee in the morning, turn off the lights before sleep. Set schedulers and tell Fingerbot Plus about your routine, and it will make your coffee every morning.

Customized loops

Thirdly, Fingerbot Plus now supports customized loops. With their intuitive App interface, you can ask your Fingerbot to click your keyboard once every 5 minutes, and your slack will always be online.

fingerbot plus

Third-party integrations (HomeHub required)

Fingerbot Plus is compatible with multiple third-party services, including Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT. With these services integrated, you can have your Fingerbot Plus work with other smart products of different brands or customized events!

They understand you have buttons and switches of various dimensions and trigger conditions. And that’s why they keep working hard to even just fit one more scenario.

fingerbot plus

Adjustable moving ranges

You can customize how deep your Fingerbot Plus should push and how high it should pull up to suit your scenario.

Compatible with different buttons & switches (Toolpack required)

Lastly, with Fingerbot Toolpack, switches of different types are all supported. Whether it is a normal button, a button requires to be held, a rocker switch, or a toggle switch, Fingerbot Plus will perfectly do its job.

fingerbot plus
  • Always give you enough power
  • Power has been increased by 67% to 15N (1.5Kg equivalent), don’t worry about the force!
  • Longer moving range
  • The maximum moving range increased by 50% to 12mm, covering 99.9% of existing switches.
  • Customize your unique arm

Additionally, the arm is 3D-print supported, and they provide a template for you to design your own unique arms. Stop worrying about your special scenario that cannot be fit!

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